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R2i2 Students Recognized for National STEM Exam Scores


The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) recognized five Richland Two Institute of Innovation (R2i2) students for their Advanced Career Clean Energy Technology end-of-course assessment scores. 
Students Alexander Seyfield and Micaiah Keller (Westwood High School), Bryan Bertotty and Murray McDaniel (Spring Valley High School) and Justin Seabrook (Ridge View High School) all scored at the proficient or advanced levels of the national exam. The class is taught by Kirstin Bullington.
"All of us at R2i2 are very proud of these students for their achievement on the Clean Energy exam,” Bullington said. “Their success is a testament not only to the hard work that each put into the class, but also to their core content instructors at their home schools, who helped them master the math, science and literacy standards also assessed on this exam."
Advanced Career is a rigorous sequence of career-technical courses developed with the advice of national industry partners with the goals of providing
  • technical knowledge and skills to earn a living wage;
  • academic and technical skills that prepare for college without the need for expensive and time-consuming remedial courses;
  • a behind-the-scenes look at the industry through field experiences; and
  • a chance to work with an industry mentor.
Advanced Career teachers participate in rigorous training to learn modern technical skills and the use of non-traditional and student-centered methods to help students
  • develop creativity;
  • use problem-solving skills;
  • experience working with a peer team; interact with industry professionals; and speak to audiences including industry professionals.