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Makeup Day Reminder

Richland School District Two will make up Monday, September 11, missed due to Hurricane Irma, on Thursday, Oct. 19. That means:
  • Wednesday, Oct. 18 becomes a full day for elementary and middle students and remains a late start day for high school students. Elementary and middle parent/teacher conferences move to Thursday, Oct. 19.
  • Thursday, Oct. 19 becomes an early dismissal day for elementary and middle school students and a full day for high school students. Elementary and middle schools will hold parent/teacher conference on this day.
  • Friday, Oct. 20 becomes a holiday for students, and teachers and other 190-day employees attend the district inservice.
Why now?
  • Scheduling the day now allows us to recapture instruction time during the same semester the of the missed day while giving our families and employees advanced notice of the change in the schedule.
  • The teachers, principals, administrators and executive staff that make up Key Leaders and the Superintendent’s Faculty Advisory Council overwhelmingly supported this plan.
  • State law requires school districts to make up at minimum of three days of missed school before requesting days be forgiven by local school board.
  • We’ve heard from school faculty and staff, students and families that having to use all the make up days in the spring is difficult.  
  • It’s only September and the past two years have not been kind to our meticulously planned school year calendar (October, we’re looking at you).
Why isn’t one of the three required inclement weather make-up day scheduled in the fall?
School districts try to schedule makeup days after the times of year when we expect inclement weather that might prompt school closings. For example, if we scheduled days in the fall but experienced a weather event that required that we close schools in January, then we have to scramble to find makeup days or add days to the end of the year. When making up missed school days, our goal is to successfully recapture lost instructional time.


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