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Jan. 10 Board Meeting Highlights


Richland Two School Board Meeting Highlights
Faculty Focus: Mentoring
January is National Mentoring Month. Dr. O'Tasha Morgan, District Lead School Counselor, and school counselor representatives highlighted Richland Two's recent Girls and Pearls mentoring event and other activities that support mentoring in the district.
Voting Item: Consent Agenda
As part of the consent agenda, the board received a list of previously approved courses prior to the current school year.
Previously Approved LBA Course Codes
Voting Item: Calendar for 2017-2018 School Year
The board voted to approve the 2017–2018 calendar as presented.
2017–2018 Calendar
Voting Item: Policy Updates
The board voted to approve the following policies as presented:
Policy IJA (Comparability of Services)
Policy KBB (Parent Rights and Responsibilities)
Policy BEC (Executive Session/Open Meetings)
Voting Item: Local Board Approval of New Courses
The board voted to approve the list of courses. A Local Board Approved (LBA) course is a course not listed in the State Department of Education's Activity Code Book. The state allows local school districts the flexibility to create LBA courses for elective credit. These courses allow us to meet school and student needs in our district. Course codes may be revised to ensure courses are aligned to the proper teacher certification and HQ requirements. As a formality, local school boards are required to approve LBA courses (old and new).
New LBA Course Codes for 2017–2018
Report: RSD2 Charter High School Annual Report
Representatives from the Richland Two Charter High School presented the school’s annual report to the board.
Charter High School Annual Report
Report: 2015–2016 Minority Business Report
Chief Financial Officer Dr. Harry Miley presented a report on the district’s efforts to utilize minority owned business during the 2015–2016 school year.
2015–2016 Minority Business Report
Report: Signing of South Carolina School Boards Association (SCSBA) Ethical Principles Poster
The SCSBA asked that board members across the state hold an official signing of the Ethical Principles poster as part of their board meeting in the month of January, which is Board Appreciation Month. The board chair read the principles aloud; the entire board sign the poster. This served as a symbolic gesture by the board, publicly saying that they will uphold these effective governance principles.
SCSBA Ethical Principles Poster
A complete recording of each board meeting is aired on the district’s cable access channel 12 R2TV on Time Warner Cable and on demand anytime through the district’s YouTube channel.