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Feb. 27 Board Meeting Highlights


Richland Two February 27, 2018 School Board Meeting Highlights

At 5:30 p.m., after calling the meeting to order, the Richland Two Board of Trustees convened in executive session to discuss student expulsion, student appeals; student admission request into the district’s Adult Education Program; employment recommendations; and employment releases and in-district transfers. At 6:30 p.m., the Board reconvened in public session.

Student Focus

Rice Creek Elementary students and Principal Stacey Gadson shared a video overview of daily life at Rice Creek through the lens of the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Click here to view the video.

Special Recognitions

The Board recognized Richland Two’s 2017-2018 class of National Board Certified Teachers. The group included 11 teachers who earned the certification for the first time and 42 teachers who successfully renewed their certification for another 10 years. Richland Two continues to lead the state in the number of National Board Certified Teachers. Click here to see a list of this year’s group and to learn more about the process. Click here to see a group photograph taken at the board meeting.

Sodexo School Services, which operates the Food Service program for Richland Two, presented a $30,000 donation to the Richland Two Back Pack Program. The Richland Two Backpack Program provides food assistance to students who are at risk of hunger. Click here to see a photograph of the “Big Check” presentation.

Sodexo also recognized Harmonie Frederick, a student at E.L. Wright Middle School, who was inducted into the 2018 Sodexo Performance Zone Hall of Fame. Performance Zone gives much deserved recognition to the students and groups who are benefiting their schools and communities by exhibiting outstanding acts of service, academics and athletics, while at the same time seeking to inspire others to follow their lead. Each year, 10 students are selected for the honor. Click here to read more about Harmonie and her commitment to making a difference for others. Click here to see a photograph of the presentation to Harmonie at the board meeting.

Voting Items

Consent Agenda The Board approved the Consent Agenda that included the minutes from the meeting on Feb. 13, and Employment Recommendations, Releases and In-District Transfers/Promotions.

 Executive Session Items — The Board approved motions related to employment recommendations, student expulsions, student appeals, and student admission request into the district’s Adult Education Program.

Policy Revisions — The board approved changes to Policies DBD (Determination of Budget Priorities), DE (Revenues from Tax Sources - Debt), DFA (Investments), DFC (Federal Aid), DH (Bonded Employees and Offices)

Eight Percent Budget — The Board approved the Eight Percent Budget for the 2018-2019 school year. For the last eight to 10 years, the district has borrowed about $10 million annually for capital projects such as maintenance of our buildings, minor building improvements, safety enhancements as well as capital expenditures for technology equipment and infrastructure. Administrators at each site, including all the schools, submit requests each year for projects to be funded from this $10 million and the money is spread across the district based on priority need. Click here to read the list of building/maintenance/safety projects for 2018-2019, as well as read the list of technology projects for 2018-2019.

2018 Bond Resolution — The Board approved the 2018 Bond Resolution to provide funds for the 2018–2019 Eight Percent Budget.


Proposal: Policy Revisions — The board received for First Reading proposed changes to policies for first reading: DA (Fiscal Management Goals and Objectives), DF (Revenues), DFG (Tuition Income), and DM (Cash in School Buildings).

Minority Business Enterprise Report — The Board received for information on the Minority Business Enterprise Report as well as a multi-year comparison.