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Feb. 14 Board Meeting Highlights


Richland Two School Board Meeting Highlights
Faculty Focus: Parenting Services for Child Development and Elementary Parents
Director of Parent and Family Education Kelli Johnson and Parent Educator representatives highlighted Richland Two's parenting services for child development and elementary parents, which also includes a special program for grandparents.
Voting Item: Policy AD (School District Mission) and Policy AE (Accountability/Commitment to Accomplishment)
The board voted to approve the recommended policy changes.
Policy AD (School District Mission)
Policy AE (Accountability/Commitment to Accomplishment)
Voting Item: Policy JLCD & JLCD-R (Assisting Students with Medicines)
The board voted to approve the recommended policy changes.
Policy JLCD
Policy JLCD-R
Proposal: Eight Percent Budget for 2017–2018
Chief Financial Officer Harry Miley, Chief Operations Officer Jack Carter and Chief Technology Officer Tom Cranmer presented the proposed 2017–2018 Eight Percent Capital Expenditures and Improvements budget.
Capital Improvements
Capital IT Expenditures
Capital IT Expenditures Descriptions
Report: Second Quarter Financials
Chief Financial Officer Harry Miley presented the Second Quarter Financial report.
Second Quarter Financial Report
Proposal: Policy Revisions - Policy AC/AC-R (Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity), Policy ACG (Resolution of Discrimination Complaints), Policy ADB (Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace and Schools), and Policy ADC (Tobacco-Free Schools)
Policy AC
Policy AC-R
Policy ACG
Policy ADB
Policy ADC
A complete recording of each board meeting is aired on the district’s cable access channel 12 R2TV on Time Warner Cable and on demand anytime through the district’s YouTube channel.