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Dec. 13, 2016 Board Meeting Highlights


Student Focus: Next Energy Engineering
Students from Kirstin Bullington's Next Energy Engineering class at R2i2 presented information about a project they are working on in collaboration with students in Senegal. R2i2 students are working with two schools in Senegal to provide mobile solar device chargers and solar lights for students who do not have access to grid power. Some of the materials for this project were funded by a community Sparkleberry Fair Grant.
Special Recognitions
Students and staff were recognized for their achievements. 
Voting Item: Consent Agenda
As part of the consent agenda, the board received a facilities update on Jackson Creek Elementary School and a technology report with updates on Technology Integration, Innovation and Professional Development, Technology for Communications, Infrastructure and Support, and Business Systems.
Technology Report
Voting Item: Policy IHAC (Social Studies Education)
The board voted to approve updates to Policy IHAC (Social Studies Education).
Updates to Policy IHAC
Voting Item: Policy IHAM (Health Education)
The board voted to approve updates to Policy IHAM (Health Education).
Updates to Policy IHAM
Voting Item: Transportation Pilot Program
The board voted to approve the implementation of a pilot program designed to reward bus drivers based on performance.
Proposal: Calendar for 2017-2018 School Year
Chief Information Officer Libby Roof presented the proposed 2017–2018 school calendar for first reading.
2017–2018 Proposed Calendar
Policy Updates
Proposed revisions were presented to the following policies for first reading:
Policy IJA (Comparability of Services)
Policy KBB (Parent Rights and Responsibilities)
Policy BEC (Executive Session/Open Meetings)
Report: 2016 Audit Report
Representatives from Burkett, Burkett & Burkett presented an overview of the 2016 Financial Audit.
2016 Audit Report
Discussion Regarding Policy JICA/JICA-R (Student Dress/Articles/Displays)
Assistant Superintendent Keith Price presented information on possible changes to Policy JICA/JICA-R (Student Dress/Articles/Displays).
Policy JICA
Policy JICA-R
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