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For the first time in two years, Richland School District Two will host an in-person Choice Fair featuring Magnet Programs to provide families information about all schools and centers in the district. The Choice Fair, a two-day event, is Tuesday, December 6 for elementary schools and Wednesday, December 7 for middle and high schools from 5-6:30 p.m. each day. 
Richland Two Choice includes Magnets, Expanded Choice and the R2eSchool. During the Choice Fair, students and parents will learn about school wide magnets and school-within-a-school magnets. Twenty-three magnets are school-within-a-school; meaning smaller groups of students participate. Fourteen magnets are school wide, meaning all students participate. There are also four elementary magnet centers. Expanded Choice is a program that allows families to apply to attend a district school other than their residentially zoned school without applying for a specific program such as a magnet program. The R2eSchool offers a full-time virtual learning program that gives families flexibility in learning remotely. This rigorous program for students in grades 6-12 is designed to meet the individual needs of students by providing personalized learning pathways in an online setting.

Information will also be available at the Choice Fair for district programs such as the Richland Two Institute of Innovation (R2i2) Student Innovation Center and the Richland Two AVID Early College.
The online application process for Choice begins December 12, 2022 at 8 a.m. and ends January 25, 2023 at 5 p.m. Families may apply online at www.richland2.org/choice
Only students residentially zoned for Richland Two are eligible. Parents and/or guardians must provide transportation for all Choice options. 

Each Magnet School and Center will host Information Nights to highlight their offerings. The schedule is as follows and all meetings start at 6:30 p.m.
  • January 4: Forest Lake Elementary, Longleaf Middle, Spring Valley High
  • January 5: Center for Inquiry (CFI), Blythewood Middle, Richland Northeast High
  • January 9: Rice Creek Elementary, Polo Road Elementary
  • January 10: Windsor Elementary, Muller Road Middle, Ridge View High
  • January 11: Center for Knowledge, Center for Knowledge North, R2eSchool (at R2i2)
  • January 12: Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary, Dent Middle, Blythewood High
  • January 17: North Springs Elementary, R2i2 Student Innovation Center, Summit Parkway Middle
  • January 18: Bridge Creek Elementary, Westwood High
  • January 19: Pontiac Elementary, Sandlapper Elementary, Kelly Mill Middle
  • January 23: Center for Achievement (CFA), E. L. Wright Middle
  • January 24: Killian Elementary
  • January 25: L. W. Conder Elementary Arts Integrated Magnet

Richland Two has 29 Nationally Certified Magnet programs, 15 Nationally Certified Demonstration Magnet schools, and 38 programs have been recognized since 2010 with Merit Awards of Excellence and Distinction. Educational themes include: collaboration, leadership, dual language immersion, exercise physiology and sports medicine, Montessori, single gender, STEM, STEAM, STEAM+Medical, zoological and botanical sciences, fine arts, International Baccalaureate, business and law, business and economics, civic engagement and much more.

To learn more about Expanded Choice, contact Roger Wiley via email rwiley@richland2.org
or call 803.738.3314. For more information on Magnets, contact Barbara Turner via email baturner@richland2.org. For more information on the R2eSchool, contact Dr. Emily Manigault via email emanigau@richland2.org or call 803-738-3273.