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Nevermind Everlast Chigoba learned the meaning of perseverance at an early age, long before he knew how to write his own name. His perseverance led him to pursue and receive the highest degree possible in his field of study. Dr. Chigoba, a computer science teacher at Ridge View High School, recently graduated from the University of South Carolina with a doctoral degree in Teaching and Learning with emphasis in educational research. 

Dr. Chigoba was born in Zimbabwe and has 11 sisters and brothers. His mother died before his first birthday and he later became an orphan. His first name Nevermind came when his father decided to move forward with plans to migrate to another country in Africa after his mother died. Family members started calling him Nevermind and his godfather added Everlast for eternal life. Dr. Chigoba recalls he always wanted to get an education but his family struggled financially making it harder for him.    

“I left Zimbabwe in 1998 to pursue further education in America. I went to Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI and studied software engineering. I graduated in 2003 and wanted to work to gain some experience before returning to Zimbabwe. I could not get a sponsor for a Visa to work legally in the United States at that time. Then someone told me that South Carolina was looking for math and science teachers and I applied to the PACE (Program of Alternative Certification for Educators) program,” Dr. Chigoba said.

He was eventually hired at Ridge View High School and has been there ever since. Dr. Chigoba says it was important for him to get a doctorate for future generations. “The poor and orphans like me are often expected to be content with minimal success. I am hoping that my tenacity can inspire my students, especially those that share similar circumstances like mine. If not, then at least my two children have witnessed that if one puts their mind to it, they can achieve their dream.” 

His educational aspirations are not yet complete. Dr. Chigoba plans to begin working on obtaining National Board Certification for Professional Teaching Standards.