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Board Meeting Highlights for April 18


Richland Two School Board Meeting Highlights
Budget Input Session
As part of the 2017–2018 budget development process, the board hosted a public input session. These sessions are provided to allow the community to share their input on budget priorities and allocation for the upcoming school year.
Faculty Focus
Middle school teachers, Ms. Maria Carter from E.L. Wright Middle School and Dr. Allison Benoit from Summit Parkway Middle School, shared their experiences with the district's annual Quiz Whiz competition. Dr. Teresa Riley-Stephens shared an overview of this initiative.
Special Recognitions
Students, staff, schools and the district were recognized for their achievements including the recent United Way campaign. Click here for a complete list of special recognitions.
Legislative Update
Board Secretary Craig Plank and Chief Financial Officer Dr. Harry Miley presented the board with a summary of related legislative information.
Voting Item: Policy Revisions –BA (School Board Operational Goals), New Policy BAA (Evaluation of the School Board)
The board voted to approve the revisions to policy BA (School Board Operational Goals) and the creation of new policy BAA (Evaluation of the School Board).
Policy BA
Policy BAA
Review: Policy Revisions - KI/KI-R (Visitors)
The board received as information a recommendation that no changes be made to policy KI (Visitors).
Policy KI/KI-R
Proposal: General Fund Budget for 2017-2018
The board received as first reading the suggested 2017–2018 General Fund Budget.
Report: Career and Technical Education (CATE)
Director of College and Career Initiatives Mary Paige Boyce, shared an overview of the district's CATE program.
Proposal: Policy EF (Food Service)
Chief Operations Officer Jack Carter presented information on the suggested creation of Policy EF (Food Service).
Policy EF
Proposal: Policy Revisions – BB (School Board Operational Goals), Policy BBA (Evaluation of the School Board)
The board received as information suggested revisions to policy BB (School Board Operational Goals) and policy BBA (Evaluation of the School Board).
Policy BB
Policy BBA
A complete recording of each board meeting airs on the district’s cable access channel 12 R2TV on Time Warner Cable and on demand anytime through the district’s YouTube channel.