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The Anne Frank Traveling Exhibit will soon be on display at Westwood High School, which is located at 180 Turkey Farm Road in Blythewood. Westwood is the second high school in Richland Two to display the exhibit. 
"This exhibit is extremely powerful. It juxtaposes Anne Frank's story within the context of the rise of Hitler and the Holocaust, showcasing the dangers of singling out those who are different in any way -- appearance, language, ability, etc. By including information on those who helped the Franks and others, the exhibit speaks to Anne's ultimate belief that 'people are truly good at heart.' Anne Frank's optimistic philosophy of life and humanity gives us hope for a better future," said Jennifer Tinneny, a Teacher Cadet instructor and advisor.  

Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl, is known for a diary she kept while hiding during World War II. Last year, The University of South Carolina became the official U. S. Partner of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, according to its website. The Anne Frank Center on the university’s campus is offering several programs for schools to participate in to include a traveling exhibit. Using a Peer-to-Peer model, Teacher Cadets are learning the history to be tour guides for the exhibit and will share their knowledge with visitors. 
Sydnie Taylor is a Teacher Cadet at Westwood. ”When history is lost, we are doomed to repeat it. I feel as if the Anne Frank museum was an eye-opening experience. Learning about the mass extinctions of the Jewish population in hard-to-swallow details aided me in my understanding of the history of this world. This museum and Anne Frank's diary combined will ensure that her wish of making a difference and inciting change will always come to pass," Taylor said. 
Teacher Cadet Jacobe Williams said, "Visiting the museum gave me a chance to further understand the tragedy of the Holocaust that I did not retain from school. It was truly an amazing learning experience.”
Westwood will host the tours during the school day from February 17 to March 9.  A community event called "An Evening of Hope" is also scheduled for March 10 from 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. This event will be open to the public and will be held in the Westwood High School Atrium. To schedule a tour, please email Jennifer Tinneny at jtinneny@richland2.org. Ridge View High School was the first school in Richland Two to gain approval for the Anne Frank Traveling Exhibit.