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2017 Richland County Arbor Day Youth Contest


The Richland Soil and Water Conservation District (RSWCD) has selected 34 winning entries from Richland County K-12 students in the 2017 Arbor Day Youth Contests. Winning entries will be awarded cash prizes, and some will be displayed at the SC Forestry Commission Headquarters and the RSWCD’s Spring Banquet.

This year’s contest theme was “The Real Trees of Richland County,” and it challenged students to identify and investigate a real tree in their schoolyard or neighborhood. Students were then asked to respond to the theme with a poster, booklet, ornament, or video sharing something they learned about their tree. Responses ranged from a birch bark ornament (Ruby Rutherford, Kali Jackson, and Tania Garcia; 3rd Grade; Catawba Trail Elementary School) to a booklet exploring the natural history, cultivation, and cultural significance of the Japanese Cherry (Emna Guedhami; 5th Grade; Center for Knowledge).

Arbor Day is a holiday set aside to plant, care for, and celebrate trees. The first Arbor Day was celebrated in Nebraska in 1872. While several states observe Arbor Day in spring, South Carolina celebrates Arbor Day on the first Friday in December because winter is the best time to plant trees in our climate. The Richland SWCD will celebrate Arbor Day with students and teachers at Arden Elementary School on Friday, December 1st .

Winners Include:
Catawba Trail Elementary 
Teacher: Vikki Pasko
  • Aylin Mayorga. Royce Ertsey, Aziya Wilson, and A'Naiyah Wallace; 1st Place Ornalment; 3rd Grade
  • Ruby Rutherford, Kali Jackson, and Tania Garcia; 2nd Place Ornament; 3rd Grade
  • Drea Walker; 1st Place Ornament; 5th Grade
  • Emily Lee, Chenoa Haygood, and Jourdyne Session; 2nd Place Ornament; 5th Grade
  • Harleen Jhaj and Jazmyne Scott; 3rd Place Ornament; 5th Grade
  • Evan Carl Outlaw; 1st Place Poster; 1st Grade
  • Carter Tew, Ruddra Patel, and Anthony Gloiani; 1st Place Poster; 3rd Grade
  • Baya Hardee, Maya Alaska, and Ava Smith; 2nd Place Poster; 3rd Grade
  • Lillian Lybrand; 1st Place Poster; 4th Grade
  • Kyah Shephard, Vivian Angeles, and Kiara Liz Ortiz Rojas; 2nd Place Poster; 5th Grade
  • Ellen Shelton, Samantha Heinz, and RaShaun Pickett; 1st Place Booklet; 3rd Grade
  • Ella Gillam; 3rd Place Booklet; 5th Grade
  • Mrs. Hill's Third Grade Class; 1st Place Video; 3rd Grade
Center for Knowledge
Teacher: Stacey Hardwick
  • Emma Guedhami; 1st Place Booklet; 5th Grade
  • Juliana Stacy; 2nd Place Booklet; 5th Grade
Longleaf Middle 
Teacher: Kristin Ziegler
  • Jasmine Schaefer; 1st Place Ornament; 6th Grade
  • Jacoby Glover; 1st Place Poster; 6th Grade
  • Maite Torres Guilhamelou; 2nd Place Poster; 6th Grade
  • Giselly Lopez and Kaylen Logans; 1st Place Video; 6th Grade