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Questioning, Explanation, Synthesis, Thinking

QuEST is a world-class program specially designed to meet the
needs of our gifted and academically advanced students in fourth and fifth grades.When described to students, it is like having ALERT every day for half the day.

QuEST will maximize the academic performance of bright children. An
academically rigorous environment will be provided daily in the content area. The curriculum will include problem-based activities with a strong emphasis on inquiry.

QuEST will include all the program characteristics our brightest children need,
such as critical thinking skills, creative thinking skills, inter- and intrapersonal skills, and
leadership development.

QuEST will integrate instructional areas through thematic units of instruction that
will enhance student academic curiosity and develop investigative strategies to inspire a
love of learning.

QuEST program identification will be based on multiple criteria. These criteria
include standardized achievement tests (such as MAP) aptitude measures(such as
CogAT or Ravens) and performance on state mandated PACT testing.

We are excited about the possibilities being afforded our most capable students.
Selection Criteria for Placement (Two of three)

90% ile or above on MAP or any nationally normed test in either reading or math
93% ile or above aptitude
Exemplary on PASS in Math and Exemplary on at least one more PASS subject (North
Automatic qualification-
96% or above aptitude measure -OR- Current ALERT designation

Performance Criteria- Once placed, students must maintain A/B average in served areas
Class Size- 25 or less per section…anticipated at under 20
Field Studies-Day and overnight field studies at each grade level
Fee- $30 per school year