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Programs Overview

Purchased Academic Programs

Accelerated Reader - Reading management program

(Active Learning Experiences in Resourceful Thinking)

ALERT is the Richland Two program for state identified gifted and talented students in grades second through fifth. ALERT operates as a one-day-a-week pullout program. The program is organized into Primary ALERT serving grades second and third, while Elementary ALERT serves fourth and fifth grades. For more information, contact Maria Kratsios at 738-3238.

Center for Child Development

The Richland Two Center for Child Development offers free 4K Child Development Classes to students who qualify based on developmental readiness, free or reduced meal status or other risk factors.


Chirpers is a fee-based morning care program offered from 7am to 7:30am. For more information, contact Adam Steele.

Clubs and Activities

School clubs and organizations are a great way to get students involved in their school and community while at the same time giving them opportunities to perfect many of the skills we are teaching them in the regular classroom.  


Within the general education classroom, teachers use state adopted materials in reading, math, science, and social studies. Our STEMS classes use Engineering is Elementary for a reading curriculum and Investigations for their general math curriculum.  All of our teachers are encouraged to utilize other resources either purchased by the school or district, online materials, field studies, and guest speakers to enhance their units of study and ways to expose students to content. 


Intervention Services

Our intervention services consist of a variety of ways for our school to meet the needs of each and every child and family. Members of our intervention services include a guidance counselor, intervention coordinator, school nurse, school social worker, and reading coach. These faculty members as well as other members of the faculty serve on the school's intervention assistance team (IAT). This team meets once per month to make decisions that will help meet the needs of students who may be struggling in school due to social, emotional, or academic concerns. We make it a point to make sure that parents and students are part of the IAT process as well. For more information, contact Jonathan Jamison at 736-3183 (3022). 

K.I.N.G.S. Mentoring Program

K.I.N.G.S. promote character and social responsibility, foster leadership skills, and provide a setting for each child to develop interpersonal skills


Players is a fee-based afterschool program. Hours are 2:50pm until 6pm. For more information contact Mrs. Latarsha Wilson.


Special Services

We are very fortunate to serve several special education programs at NSE. We currently serve students who have individualized education plans (IEP) that require speech, resource classrooms, occupational therapy, developmental therapy, and self-contained classrooms. We also provide training for classroom teachers to implement and monitor IEP accommodations in the regular classroom and throughout the school. For more information, contact Dr. Barnett-Queen.

Student Recognition Program

The student recognition program at NSE is unique.  Every student in kindergarten receives a ribbon, Clickety medal, and a promotion pin for completing kindergarten.  Kindergarteners can also receive ribbon, medals, and pins throughout their kindergarten year for good character and performing well in related arts.  This unique system takes the place of the typical paper certificate system.  

Watch D.O.G.S.

The Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) program at NSE is going on its third year. The program started after Dr. H. heard Eric Snow, Executive Director of the Watch D.O.G.S. program, speak at a Magnet Schools of America conference.  We have a number of great male role models that walk their children into the school each morning, eat lunch with their child, and pick them up in the afternoon. Dr. H wanted to give these dads a more noticeable role in our school and ask them to stay around for 30 minutes or so as their schedule would allow. The Watch D.O.G.S. program gave us that organization and recognition of our male role models. 

If you are a current parent at our school, contact Mr. Adams. Watch DOGS volunteers must go through the school's LobbyGuard system and be on the contact list for a student at NSE or related to one of the staff members.