North Springs Elementary


K.I.N.G.S.- Kind Intelligent Noble Gentlemen Student is a premier boys only club located at North Springs Elementary School. It consist of 40-45 3rd-5th grade students.

K.I.N.G.S. will support students on their journey to discover their true potential.  K.I.N.G.S. promote character and social responsibility, foster leadership skills, and provide a setting for each child to develop interpersonal skills. 

There are specific requirements to be a K.I.N.G. We  refer to them as the ABCs of a K.I.N.G.

Academics: Complete all homework, classwork, and projects to the best of their ability.

Behavioral: Abide by school and district policies, uphold a positive attitude at all times, and understand that integrity is necessary to form good character.

Character: Members should be involved in school/community functions/projects, work in cooperation with teachers, fellow members, other students, and our community in a friendly helpful manner. Dress up for Dress to Impress Tuesday.

Each member will have the opportunity to perform community service in and out of school. Out of school activities are strongly encouraged, for example field trips and service learning projects.