Longleaf Middle
Home Message From the Athletic Director

General Information

Middle School Athletics

Students are encouraged to participate in and to support Longleaf Athletics. As we are a member of the South Carolina High School League, only 7th and 8th graders are allowed to participate in middle school athletics. To be eligible to participate in athletics, including conditioning sessions and tryouts, 7th and 8th graders must have a completed physical and health history form, a completed parent consent form, and a birth certificate. These forms are available on the school website under the “Athletics” tab and in the school’s front office. Additionally, students must be academically eligible as well. Academic eligibility will be checked by the school’s Athletics Director. To be academically eligible, a student needs to have been “academically promoted” from the previous grade and must have a 77 grade average or higher from the semester prior to the start of the sports season in which he or she wishes to participate. Academically eligibility is checked at the beginning of each sports season.
Students are encouraged to come to the games and to cheer-on our Leopards. Students who are staying after school for home games should follow directions at dismissal for where to report and where to purchase tickets. Tickets for volleyball are $2.00. Tickets for football, basketball, and soccer are $4.00. Students attending both home volleyball and football games may purchase a $5.00 student ticket for these events. Students wishing to attend away games will need to provide their own transportation. The school does not provide transportation for spectators for away games.
At the end of games, students are expected to be picked up promptly. Volleyball games end around 4:15 pm; football, basketball, and soccer games end around 5:15 pm. Students who are not picked up shortly after games end may not be allowed to attend future events.