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The Richland School District Two 1TWO1 computing initiative is an integral part of Richland Two. Using technology, students will inquire and explore their world. Transformative technologies will ignite a joy of learning in our students and inspire them to become 21st century learners.
1TWO1 computing refers to Richland Two’s comprehensive model for making a computer available to each student in grades 3 through 12—giving them a powerful tool for learning. The computers offer the potential for students to engage in the real work of mathematicians, scientists, composers, authors and engineers. But 1TWO1 isn’t primarily about the computing devices—it is about learning. The initiative includes professional development that supports appropriate integration into the curriculum and opportunities for parents to learn more about technology and ways they can help their children use technology wisely at school and at home.  

The full rollout of 1TWO1 began in January of 2012 and concluded during the 2013-14 school year. Phase One included grades 5, 6 and about a third of high school classrooms. The second phase was implemented in the 2012-13 school year for grades 4, 7 and another third of high school classrooms. The third phase provided devices to grades 3, 8 and the remainder of high school classrooms during the 2013-14 school year. 

Lake Carolina Elementary Upper Campus opened in August of 2013 with 1TWO1 computing for all students and teachers. Chromebooks are the device that is utilized by the school.

All Lake Carolina Upper Campus teachers and students have access to Chromebooks. Each student uses the device at school to enhance their learning within the classroom curriculum. 

The goals of the 1TWO1 program are:  
  1. Improved Student Learning: Through instructional strategies that apply best practices in teaching with technology and a variety of resources which support the curriculum, student learning will improve.
  2. Meaningful Student Engagement: We will offer 1TWO1 computing to make school more engaging and relevant for our students and to support meaningful and more challenging work.
  3. 21st Century Skills: We will ensure that students have high level 21st century skills which will prepare them for a successful future.
  4. Equity of Access: We will bridge the digital divide by providing all students with access to technology tools and resources for anytime, anywhere learning.