Lake Carolina Elementary Upper Campus
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Frequently Asked Questions

Regular School Day: 8:00am-2:50pm

Visitors: Parents/Guardians who want to enter the building should use the main entrance so that you can sign in through the LobbyGuard system and receive a visitor badge.  Visitor badges must be worn on your outer garment and be visible at all times. With our Lobby Guard system, your driver’s license or photo identification is required with each visit.
Arrival: School officially begins at 8:00am. Students are tardy at 8:05am. Students should not be dropped off in car rider line and may not enter the building before 7:30am. Both the Kelly Mill and Ashland car rider lines are for drop off only. Parents should not enter the side parking lot or a parking space and let their child out. All vehicles are to pull as far forward as possible and students should  exit from curbside of the vehicle. We will not have an adult available to open doors for each vehicle, but can assist in an emergency.  Students are to be prepared to exit the vehicle upon arrival and move away from the vehicle immediately.​ Refer to the student handbooks for additional information.
Dismissal: All transportation changes must occur before 2:00pm each day. Please notify your child's teacher of any changes in transportation with a written note, but in the event of an emergency, please contact our main office at 803-691-3360 so we can be sure to let your child and their teacher know of a change. All students should be picked up by 3:10pm. After 3:10pm, parents must come in the building and sign child out. Refer to the student handbooks for additional information.
Early Dismissal: Parents must come in and sign their students out for early dismissals. All early dismissals must occur before 2:15pm each day. Our district has the expectation at each school that students not be dismissed after 2:15pm.  If you have an appointment around our 2:45pm dismissal time, please be sure to check the student out from the office before the dismissal process starts. In the event of an early dismissal, students must remain in their classroom until the parent is on campus to pick them up. Students will not be able to wait in the front office before parents arrive. Refer to the student handbooks for additional information.
Walkers/Bike Riders/Scooters: Our campus has 2 access points for students that will lead them to the rear entrance of the building. Students may use the Kelly Mill Path and the Ashland Path.

1) The Kelly Mill Path allows students to use sidewalks from the lower campus that run parallel to Kelly Mill Road. Students who use these sidewalks would enter the campus at bus loading entrance and stay inside the red line until they reach the back door of school.  Bike racks will be available at the rear of school.
2) The Ashland Path enters school property at same spot as car rider line on Mapleside Drive. Students who use this path will use the sidewalk running parallel to car rider line to enter rear of the building.  A bike rack will be available at the beginning of the sidewalk.

Birthdays and Non-school Sponsored Parties: These guidelines on non-school sponsored parties help to ensure that birthday and other celebrations remain fun and do not inadvertently result in hurt feelings. With this in mind, parents are required to send party invitations directly to individual children’s homes, rather than distributing them in school. An exception can be made to this policy when the entire class is invited. In order to maintain an academically focused environment, we respectfully request no balloons, toys or other gifts to be presented/given at school. Parties are not allowed at school. Students are allowed to celebrate their birthdays with fellow class members during certain times. Parents may bring in treats at lunch for the student to distribute to classmates. Students may distribute goodie bags at lunch or for the students to take home. Please check with your child’s teacher to find out their procedures and expectations for snacks, treats and goodie bags.