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School Uniforms

Lake Carolina Elementary is a uniform school. Because we are a public school, the wearing of uniforms may not be mandated for attendance. However, 98% of our students and their families regularly comply with this school practice. Wearing uniforms cultivates an atmosphere of structure and order, contributing to a quality learning environment for all students. School uniforms are an inexpensive way to clothe children, make the morning routine much easier, and put the focus on learning and academic success.

Fridays are "Non-Uniform" days. Please check the school calendar for exact dates.
The following items of clothing are acceptable for uniform:
Bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, shorts, jumpers) should be khaki or navy blue. Shorts should be below mid- thigh length or "walking length".

Shirts may be worn in the following colors: hunter green, navy blue, burgundy, or white. Polo shirts, blouses, turtlenecks, and other shirts with collars may be worn. Shirts should be plain, solid colors and should not have any type of logo on them unless it is the Lake Carolina Elementary logo or school approved. It is preferred that shirts be tucked in at all times.

Black or brown colored belts are optional.

Shoes should be worn with safety in mind for the school day. All students need to wear athletic shoes on PE days.