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Lake Carolina Lower Campus

Our school is located in Blythewood, South Carolina, within a large planned community in the northeast area of Richland County. We opened in 2002 with approximately 350 students and in 2014 we split into two campuses. The Lower Campus serves preschool through second grades and the Upper Campus serves third through fifth grades. The needs, backgrounds, and cultures of our community are quite diverse; our families speak many different languages other than English and many of our students have parents that are active duty military.

Our classroom designs and teaching strategies are based on brain research. Our study of brain research has enhanced the quality of teaching and learning in each classroom. Through collaborative planning of engaging activities, we consider this instructional model to be what is best and right for all children.

We are proud to take part in our district wide AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)  Initiative. The AVID Program allows our students to develop academic habits that they will continue to foster and grow throughout middle school, high school, college, or any chosen pathway to success. Our teachers implement and practice techniques that foster curiosity and higher order thinking skills for our students to be organized, communicate effectively, and take responsibility for their own learning. 

Lake Carolina Elementary is a proud recipient of a variety of awards. Our awards reflect the culture of excellence that we strive towards every day. Our special family of students, teachers, and the community allows us to continue to sail beyond excellence! 

Mission Statement

"The faculty and staff of Lake Carolina Elementary, in collaboration with the community, will promote a safe, caring and respectful education environment for all students through the use of innovative teaching strategies and character education to create successful, life-long learners, as we sail beyond excellence."