Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary


AVID is a school-wide program designed to build college and career ready learners and leaders.


To establish an enriching, motivating, empowering environment in which all students develop a growth mindset toward learning.

Mission Statement

“AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.” 


“To provide ALL students with the fundamental skills to promote academic success, self-efficacy and self-advocacy as they move forward in their educational journey.”


AVID Elementary methodologies and strategies ensure that all students will:

  • Experience the lesson framework of Writing to Learn, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading to Learn skills (WICOR)

  • Utilize organizational skills both in and outside of the classroom

  • Develop Student Success Skills for lifelong learning

  • Develop a college-going mentality

  • Successfully make the transition to middle school and courses of high rigor
In a nutshell: To provide engaging and rigorous instruction that allows students to access complex concepts and text.


It is an expectation in grades 2-5 that AVID methodologies and instructional practices (WICOR) will be implemented daily across the curriculum. Professional Development will be provided for all staff members to promote the implementation of AVID system school-wide and provide access and equity to all students.


In AVID elementary classrooms, students will use the following:

  • Organizational tools to show accountability and responsibility

  • Agenda/planner to foster a “plan ahead”mentality

  • SMART goal-setting skills

  • Time-management skills

  • Note-taking strategies(STAR)

  • Inquiry Method

  • Collaborative learning structures

  • Critical Reading strategies for comprehension

  • Open communication to build a positive classroom community

  • Growth mindset activities