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PTO- Parent Teacher Organization

 Killian Elementary PTO 

We are on the road to awesome at Killian Elementary where as a STEAM TEAM we are “Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders…Today!” Our goal is to build a strong foundation for excellence through parent and teacher partnerships by giving of ourselves and our time. We will do our part to ensure that our students have every available opportunity to reach their academic potential. Killian family kids are looking in the mirror to find the visions that are placed in their hearts. I know we can see them come alive on paper!
PTO Board Members:
President Ursula Lovejoy
Vice President Tammy Wimberley
Secretary Jason Berry
Treasurer Shavetta Belton
Assistant Treasurer
Fundraising Chairperson Trinita Webster
Volunteer Coordinator
Kindergarten Representative
1st Grade Representative
2nd Grade Representative
3rd Grade Representative
4th Grade Representative
5th Grade Representative
Box Tops for Education Coordinator