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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be before/aftercare?
Yes, JCE will use the Boys and Girls club
2. Is JCE a uniform school?
No. We are not a uniform school.
3. Is there be a PTO and SIC?
Absolutely. We look forward to parent and community support and involvement.
4. Will there be after school opportunities?
Yes, JCE will offer both fee-based and non fee-based after school activities and clubs. We will inform you of specifics at the beginning of our school year.
5. What are the school’s colors?
The school’s colors are navy blue, light blue and silver.
6. Do I go through Jackson Creek Elementary to enroll my 4 year-old preschooler?
JCE begins in Preschool (4 year old) and goes through 5th grade. However, preschool information and registration is obtained through the Center for Child Development. Mrs. Quinne Evans, Lead Teacher at 699-2536.
7.  How can I learn more about what it means to be a Title 1 School?
Information can be found in our front office, as well as in the brochure posted below: