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Technology Insurance Information

All kindergarten through 5th grade students are issued a Richland Two Chromebook to use each year. Should your child have any problems with their device, please reach out to your child's teacher. The teacher will take care of getting the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Student Technology Insurance should be purchased through Parent Portal each year before September 30th. 

If you pay the technology fee, the plan provides 100 percent repair cost coverage for the first instance of accidental damage to your child’s school assigned computing device. The plan also covers the cost of device replacement in the event of theft, provided a police report is filed. If unpaid or if this incident is not a first occurence, the cost of device damage will be assessed according to the full cost of repair. The repair cost will be made and a charge will be added to your child’s account in Parent Portal.



Full Replacement Cost

Loss, theft, or in cases where damage is so severe that repair is not cost-effective.


Major Repair

Damage to the screen or the system board


Minor Repair

Damage to all other components.

$  75.00


Minor cosmetic damage which in no way affects the operation of the device and no repair will be performed.

$  25.00

Swappable Items

Power adapter and cable. 

User-replaceable battery.

$  25.00

$  75.00

**Insurance does not cover charger replacement due to loss or damage.