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Elective Courses

E. L. Wright Middle School has a variety of related arts courses for students to choose from. Students in the IB Magnet program are required to have a foreign language as well as a fine arts or performing arts course. 
All students per state guidelines are required to take Physical Education and Health. 

Below are related arts classes students may choose from to complete their schedule. 

Performing or Fine Arts Courses providing students with a wide range of choices to choose from including Band, Chorus, Orchestra, General Music, and Digital Music. Students can also choose from Art and Digital Art as courses to take. 
The visual arts classes introduce students to the elements and principles of design, while being exposed to a variety of art media such as collage, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, and painting. 
No prior music experience is needed. Sixth grade band begins with a theory course.  Students who pass the theory portion are then mouth-piece tested for every instrument to determine which instrument they will have the most success playing. Students will be primarily working toward a winter and a spring concert.
No prior music experience is needed. Chorus will provide beginning instruction in choral singing and musicianship.  We will present one concert with seventh and eighth grade to fulfill the performance requirement. 
No prior music experience is needed. Ownership or rental of an instrument is required (violin, viola, cello, & bass). Students will learn musical skills including reading music, improvising, and performing alone and as a group. Students will perform 2-3 concerts during the school year.

E. L. Wright offers two foreign language choices for students to choose from, Spanish or French. The foreign language classes can begin with an introductory level or students if they meet district requirements can complete a foreign language course for High School Credit. For more information on these requirements please contact our Counseling Office. 

Exploratory French
Sixth Grade French students will learn about the major Francophone countries of the world and will learn basic French vocabulary (days, months, seasons, colors, numbers, greetings, etc.).  Students will primarily practice listening and speaking skills. Students will be required to continue with the same foreign language in 7th and 8th grades to be considered for the HS credit course.
Exploratory Spanish
This is an introductory course to Spanish.  Students will learn about the people and customs of Hispanic countries and will do some preliminary language studies.  Thematic units are infused with a cursory study of Spanish culture. Students will be required to continue with the same foreign language in 7th and 8th grades to be considered for the HS credit course.

World Cultures
World Cultures is a class aimed to introduce students to the cultural perspectives of countries around the world. Students explore the elements of culture through a variety of activities to become more globally aware citizens.

LAW Leadership (Required):  For LAW Magnet Students Only
This is the required introductory course for the LAW magnet program.  With a large technology focus, students will learn proven leadership strategies, practice team building, implement effective communication skills, and participate in service-learning opportunities. This study will be infused with the required course text: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. 

PHYSICAL EDUCATION (You will automatically be enrolled in PE)
This class will go through a variety of sports, games and fitness activities for the student that wants to learn and experience a broad spectrum of physical education. This class will not be heavy in competition and will be set up to be comfortable for students to focus on learning and finding something that they can see themselves doing years from now to achieve life-long fitness.
*Every student will be required to wear clothing appropriate for physical activity. For hygiene reasons clothing must differ from that worn to school.

HEALTH (You will automatically be enrolled in Health)
Enrollment in this course fulfills the state law requiring 9 weeks of health education every year for all students in grades 6-8. Course content focuses on teaching students the information and the skills needed to become health literate, maintain and improve personal health, prevent disease, and reduce health-related risk behaviors as outlined in the SC Health and Safety Curriculum Standards. The course also focuses on evaluating, advocating, and coordinating valid resources and services to meet the needs of students, families, and communities. Course content areas include Personal Health and Wellness, Nutritional Choices, Mental Health, Preventing Injuries, Family Living, and Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs.