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Spring Valley High School Route

Spring Valley High is now covered by the Richland Northeast Hub. You may contact them at 803.736.8718 with any questions.








Green Springs;

Cambridge Oaks.


7:56 A.M.

Mountain Laurel Ln/Mountain Laurel Ct.;

203 Pickwick Dr.;

Green Springs Dr/Old Field Ct.;

Grenn Springs Dr/Green Springs Cir.;

Sheridan Dr/Cambridge Oaks Dr.;

Sheridan Dr/Remington Dr.;

Green Springs Dr/Inway Ct.;

Inway Dr/Reseda Dr.;

Seton Hall Dr/N. Chateau Dr.;

176 Cane Brake Cir.;

392 Cane Brake Cir.;

Seton Hall Dr/Colchester Dr.; 

Colchester Dr/Seton Hall Dr.; 

Green Springs Dr/Glennshannon Dr.; 

Green Springs Dr/Reseda Dr.


Turnipseed Road;​

Sandy Oaks Road;

Freeway Mobile Home Park;

Jacobs Mill Pond Road;

Spears Creek Village Apartments;

Woodcreek Farms Apartments;

Turkey Crossing Road.

​7:33 A.M. Spears Creek Church Ln. @ the Church;
Percival Rd/Melton Rd.;
5134 Percival Rd.;
Brazell Rd/Turnipseed Rd.;
127 Turnipseed Rd.;
Sandy Oaks Rd/Sandy Oaks Cir.;
1100 Sandy Oaks Rd. (Freeway MHP);
751 Jacobs Mill Pond Rd. (Woodcreek Farms Apts.);
134 Jacobs Mill Pond Rd. (Spears Creek Village Apts.);
226 Jacobs Mill Pond Rd.;
Coopers Nursery Rd/Sweetspire Dr.;
Buckthorn Cir/Redbay Rd.;
Turkey Crossing Rd/Bramble Rd.;
116 Mossy Ln.;
205 Turkey Crossing Rd.;
Woodcreek Farms Rd/Brushfield Park Dr.​










Oak Grove Apartments; 

Polo Commons; 

Sesqui Trail.


7:53 A.M.

Hunters Hill Dr/Coach Trail Ct.;

Polo Rd/Sand Spur Rd.; 

Leaning Tree Rd/Overbranch Ct.;

125 Beaver Dam Rd.;

Miles Rd/Beaver Dam Rd.;  

Polo Rd/Saddlechase Ln.;  

Sesqui Trl/Sesqui Ct.;  

Sesqui Trl/Hollingwood Dr.;  

Sesqui Trl/Sandy Glen Ct.;  

Hope Rd/Polo Hill Rd.;  

811 Polo Rd. (Polo Commons);

811 Mallet Hill Rd. (Vierra Wildwood Apts.).


​North Crossing;

Belk's (Sandhill Mall).

​7:51 A.M.
Summit Centre Dr/Summit Townes Way;
N. Crossing Dr/Pintail Ln.;
N. Crossing Dr/Blue Bill Ct.;
N. Crossing Dr/Tamara Way (Rear Entrance);
N. Crossing Dr/Colony Park Cir.;
Belks in Sandhills;
Burmaster Dr/Aubrey St.;
Burmaster Dr/Sarah St.;
Burmaster Dr/Polk St.;
Burmaster Dr/Cheek St.;
Burmaster Dr/Clayton St.;
Burmaster Dr/Griggs St.;
Ione St/Wynette Way;
Fore Ave/Griggs St.;
Fore Ave/Clayton St.;
Fore Ave/Polk St.;
Fore Ave/Sarah St.​


Old Percival Road;

Deerwood Run Drive;  

Paddock Club/ Carrington Apartments;




7:59 A.M.

8491 Old Percival Rd. (Palmetto Park T.P.);

Deerwood Run/ Sherbrook Dr.;

4824 Smallwood Rd. (Paddock Club/Carrington Apts.);

Smallwood Rd/White Birch Cir.; 

Emily Ln/Bellevalley Ln.; 

Bellevalley Ln/ Belleford Ridge Rd.;

Oakbrook Dr/Trentwood Dr.; 

Bakers Point Rd/Bakers Point Ct.; 

211 Aiken Hunt Cir.;

519 Aiken Hunt Cir.;

413 Aiken Hunt Cir.


North Springs;

Fishers Wood;

Bradford Park.

7:54 A.M.

Seven Springs Rd/ Cold Branch Dr.;

323 Cold Branch Dr.;  

632 Cold Branch Dr.;  

Cold Branch Dr/Fire Thorn Ln.;  

Spring Water/Woodshore;  

Ridge Point Rd/Ridge Point Dr.;

N. Springs Rd/Fishers Wood Dr. (PM Only);

Dove Ridge Rd/Hickory Woods Ct.;

North Trace Ct/N Trace Ln.;  

Bradford Ln/ Bradford Ridge Ln.;  

Bradford Ln/ Westport Dr.


​McCords Ferry Road;

Screaming Eagle Road;

Sparkleberry Apartments.

​7:57 A.M.

​McCords Ferry Rd/Clayton Miller Trail;

Elise Grant Rd/Stackleather Rd. (Mt. Pilgrim Church);

Screaming Eagle Rd/Spring Creek Rd. (Country Store);

100 Chalice Ln/Sparkleberry Apts. @ Mailboxes.


​Sparkleberry Apartments;

Sage Point Apartments;

Willow Creek Trailer Park;

Oakbrook Village.

​7:39 A.M.

Old Percival Rd/Armstrong Ct.;

340 Peppercorn Ln.;

4021 Percival Rd. (Sage Point Apts.);

Antler Way/Marshdeer Way;

Marshdeer Way/Buck Ridge Dr.;

3615 Percival Rd. (Willow Creek T.P.);

Smallwood Rd/Oakbrook Village Rd.

Forest Creek;
Jacobs Creek;
Plantation Pointe;
Delchester Drive.

​7:51 A.M.
Old Two Notch Rd/Winning Ticket Dr. (Forest Creek);
Silver Cup Ln/Palamino Ln.;
Palamino Ln/Cattle Baron Ln.;
Green Turf Ln/Lucky Ct.;
Northern Dancer Ln/Green Pasture Ct.;
Jacobs Creek Rd/Whirlaway Ln.;
Delchester Dr/Viewmont Dr.;
Plantation Pointe Dr/Plantation Pointe Way;

Plantation Pointe Dr/Park Place Dr.​


North Donar   Drive;

Valhalla Drive;

Halling Drive;


Palm Apartments.​

​7:52 A.M.

​N. Donar Dr/N. Donar Ct.;

N. Donor Dr/Valhalla Dr.;

Valhalla Dr/Wotan Rd.;

Valhalla Dr/Halling Dr. (PM Only);

Halling Dr/N. Donor Dr.;

840 Sparkleberry Ln.;

Chimneyridge Dr/Northbrown Rd.;

Chimneyridge Dr/Firebrick Ln.;

235 Chimneyridge Dr.;

Country Mill Rd/Old Brass Dr. (1st Old Brass after Sutters Mill Rd.);

1155 Clemson Frontage Rd. (Palm Apts. Pool);

Oakbrook Dr/Cowdray Park;

Shallow Brook Dr/Harwell Dr.;

Hurlingham Dr/Oakbrook Dr.;

Mallet Hill Rd/Tea Olive Rd.


Greenhill Parish Crossing Apartments;

Lockman Road;

Two Notch Road;

Sandy Haven Drive;

Spears Creek Church Road.​

​7:43 A.M.

​Greenhill Parish Pkwy. (Greenhill Parish Crossing Apts. at Rear Entrance);

Upland Hill Ln/Upland Trail Rd.;

779 Dial Creek Rd.;

Lockman Rd/Vallenga Rd.;

Vallenga Rd/Westchester Ave.;

10930 Two Notch Rd.;

Two Notch Rd/Two Notch Ct.;

10931 Two Notch Rd.;

Spears Creek Church Rd/Sandy Haven Dr.;

Spears Creek Church Rd/Jacobs Rd.;

Spears Creek Church Rd/Spears Dr.;
Spears Creek Church Rd/Walden Place Dr.
RN30​ North Springs;
Garden Valley;
Dove Park.

​7:59 A.M.

N. Springs Rd/Springhurst Dr.;
N. Springs Rd/Patrick Dr. (Garden Valley);
Dove Park Rd/Millet Ridge Ct.;
Dove Park Rd/Deer Trail Ct.;
Athena Dr/Arcola Dr.;
Almeda Dr/Arcola Dr.;
Harrington Dr/Harrington Ln.;
Pond Ridge Rd. E./Windmill Orchard Rd.