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Staff Listing

​Full Name ​Title ​Email Address ​Phone Number

Nancy Gregory​

  • PBL
  • Read to Succeed
  • Title II
  • PD Funds
  • PD Express
  • Report Cards/Grading
  • Physical Education
Chief Instructional Officer ngregory@richland2.org 803.738.3227​​​
​Belinda Flohr ​Lead Instructional Coach 
Induction Teacher Program (New to Two)
Grades PreK-2
bflohr@richland2.org 803.445.8603.
​Dr. Kathy O’Quinn ​Lead Instructional Coach
Induction Teacher Program (New to Two)
Visual/Performing Arts, Related Arts, World Languages,
 Co-Curricular, CATE, JROTC
koquinn@richland2.org ​803.445.6340
​Renee McCray ​Instructional Coach
Induction Teacher Program (New to Two)
Grades 3-5
rmccray@richland2.org ​803.807.3227
​Nancy Ankney ​Part-Time Instructional Coach 
Induction Teacher Program (New to Two)
Middle/High Science
nankney@richland2.org  ​803.414.6331
​Mary Lostetter ​Part-Time Instructional Coach 
Induction Teacher Program (New to Two) 
Middle/High Math
mlostetter@richland2.org ​803.609.0070
​John Smith ​Part-Time Instructional Coach 
Induction Teacher Program (New to Two)
Middle/High Social Studies
jsmith@richland2.org  ​803.724.4291
​Carolyn Whetstone ​Part-Time Instructional Coach 
Induction Teacher Program (New to Two) 
Middle/High ELA
cwhetstone@richland2.org ​803.724.4670
​Administrative support provided by ​Linda Goodwin lgoodwin@richland2.org ​803.738.3277
​Kristin Seay
Administrative support provided by VACANT
​GEAR Up Project Director kseay@richland2.org  ​803.609.4538
Administrative support provided by Gail Ross



Elementary School Team​ ​ ​ ​

Authur Newton

  • Elementary Instruction
  • Media Specialists
  • Textbooks
Director of Elementary Instruction dfoster@richland2.org ​803.738.3254
​Angel Brown ​Elementary Social Studies Specialist abrown@richland2.org ​803.237.6912
​Becca Doswell Elementary English Language Arts Specialist sdoswell@richland2.org 803.237.5078
​Ed Emmer ​Elementary Science and Health Content Specialist eemmer@richland2.org   ​803.609.2081
​Carol Sample Elementary Mathematics Specialist csample@richland2.org 803.348.3355
​Alice Shawen ​English Language Arts Specialist  ashawen@richland2.org 803.609.1843
​Elizabeth Waters ​Elementary Mathematics Specialist ewaters@richland2.org ​803.237.2854
Administrative support provided by ​Bonita Graham bgraham@richland2.org ​803.738.3257
​Middle School Team

​Dr. Marsha Moseley

  • Middle School Instruction
  • Homeschool Applications
  • Step Up to Sixth Grade
Director of Middle School Instruction mmoseley@richland2.org ​803.738.3336
​Dena Fender Science Specialist ​dfender@richland2.org 803.760.8981
​Alisa Long ​MS/HS Social Studies Specialist allong@richland2.org ​803.638.1004
​Kari Meldrum

School Math Specialist

kmeldrum@richland2.org ​803.237.9783
Vacant ​English Language Arts Specialist 803.728.5387
High School Team​ ​ ​ ​

Marriah Schwallier

  • High School Instruction
  • World Languages
  • High School Summer School
  • Freshmen First
  • Comprehensive Health
Director of High School Instruction mschwallier@richland2.org ​803.738.3273
​Matt Owens High School Math Specialist mowens@richland2.org ​803.728.5543
Jessica Miller High School ELA Specialist jmiller@richland2.org  803.429.4882​
​Alisa Long ​MS/HS Social Studies Specialist allong@richland2.org ​803.638.1004
Dena Spickard Fender Middle/High School Science Specialist
Middle/High Health
dspickard@richland2.org ​803.760.8981
Alicia Lewis
Westwood High School
World Languages Lead Teacher alewis@richland2.org  ​803.691.4049
 Administrative support provided by Sarah Jane Harris saharris@richland2.org ​803.738.3248
Special Projects, State & Federal Programs​ ​ ​ ​

​Dr. Shawn Suber

  • Title I
  • Child Development
  • ESOL
  • Interventions/RTI
  • At-Risk Funds
​Director of Special Projects, State & Federal Programs shsuber@richland2.org ​803.738.3260
​Emil Caskey ​RSD2 & CCEL 
Race to the Top Grant District Director
ecaskey@richland2.org ​803.699.2800 x79795
​Nathan O’Neil ​Title III Compliance Administrator noneill@richland2.org ​803.413.7850
​Vickie Westbrook ​Middle/High ESOL Lead Teacher vwestbro@richland2.org ​803.699.3500 x69469
​April Burns ​Elementary ESOL Lead Teacher aburns@richland2.org ​803.699.3501 x35907
Ron Huff ​Middle/High School Hispanic Family Liaison rhuff@richland2.org ​803.360.7648
​Dedy Magun ​Elementary School Hispanic Family Liaison dmagun@richland2.org ​803.394.6314
​Dr. Wendy Crotwell ​District RTI Intervention Specialist wcrotwell@richland2.org 803.807.1804​
​Dr. LaTasha Harris ​District RTI Intervention Specialist lharris@richland2.org ​803.807.3111
​Conservina Evans ​District RTI Intervention Specialist coevans@richland2.org ​ ​803.807.7217
​Mikkia Neal Johnson ​District RTI Intervention Specialist mijohnson@richland2.org ​803.807.7590
Magnets​ ​ ​ ​
​Barbara Turner ​Director of Magnet Programs baturner@richland2.org   ​803.738.3230
College and Career Initiatives​ ​ ​ ​

​Mary Paige Boyce

  • AVID
  • CATE
  • Career Prep
  • Career Development Facilitators
  • R2i2 Liaison
  • CAT Grant
  • ROTC
​Director of College & Career Initiatives mboyce@richland2.org ​803.738.3276
​Erin Armstrong ​Career Prep Lead Teacher earmstrong@richland2.org ​803.309.5391
​ ​Administrative support provided by Maia Williams miwilliams@richland2.org ​803.738.3280
Advanced Programs

​Dr. Maria Kratsios

  • Gifted & Talented
  • AP
  • College Board
  • Duke TIP & Junior Scholars
  • Tri-District Arts Consortium
  • Total School Cluster Grouping
  • Fine Arts
​Associate for Advanced Programs mkratsio@richland2.org ​803.738.3238
​Dr. Mary Fanning
Windsor Elementary School
​Gifted Specialist Lead mfanning@richland2.org ​803.736.8723
Chris Corde
Blythewood High School
​District Orchestra Program ccorde@richland2.org ​803.691.4090 x28902
​ ​Administrative support provided by Kezia Terrell kterrell@richland2.org ​803.738.3238