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The Year in Primary ALERT


The Year in Primary ALERT


Investigating Systems through Interactions 


In 2nd and 3rd grade ALERT, we are launching a yearlong focus on the concept of Systems. With our first unit of study, “Investigating Crime Scenes,” students will examine age-appropriate CSI topics.  They will participate in hands-on forensic science lab experiments that provide both background research and crime fighting challenges.  Students will also explore the “Judicial Side” as they see how forensic evidence is used in court. 

The associated hands-on field studies involve day visits to a crime scene created by the Richland County Forensic Team and a trip to the Richland County Judicial Center for a mock trial. 

Learning how to process and analyze evidence will provide students with the skills needed for our next unit, “Environmental Detectives.” A mysterious fish kill becomes an environmental crime that requires the expertise of ALERT detectives to use not only their scientific knowledge, but also their critical thinking skills as they investigate the cause of this crime.  

The associated field study for this unit of study is an extended day study to Jones Gap State Park

A continued emphasis on developing a Growth Mindset and positive Habits of Mind underlies classroom activities as we work to equip students for success.  

The gifted Mentoring Mathematical Minds (M³) unit selected to accompany our units, “Digging for Data,” students will “explore the world of a research scientist and learn how gathering, representing and analyzing data are the essence of good research.” 

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