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The Year in Elementary ALERT

The Year in Elementary ALERT 

This year, ALERT students will explore the overarching theme of CHANGE. Central themes of Preservation Versus Progress, Sustainable Living, and Adaptive Reuse connect our two units, Humanity’s Habitat and Nature’s Habitat.  

The adventure begins with students examining their world through the lens of architecture. Each student will learn about architectural styles, blueprints, scale, and measurement as they construct scale model houses. We will be learning to think like architects. 

With our second unit of study, Nature’s Habitat, students investigate conflicts of interest, critical stakeholders, and the difficult choices that environmental planning requires for preserving or developing South Carolina. This problem-based learning unit moves us from a concentration on the built environment to the natural environment as students identify and work with issues of significance. 

Fostering a Growth Mindset is central to all of our ALERT units of study. We want students to understand the importance of effective effort and dealing with failure and challenges. 

Art Costa’s sixteen Habits of Mind are woven through all that we do and are essential to cultivating a Growth Mindset.  Habits of Mind develop critical thinkers and help us to become lifelong learners.  These are what intelligent, successful people do when confronted with new situations, challenges and/or problems. 

For our math component we will be using a unit called ‘Getting Into Shapes!’ from Mentoring Mathematical Minds (M³). Students will apply the math central to architecture as they work with shapes, measurement, and scale. 

ALERT teachers use Nearpod to organize classroom learning in an interactive online form. It also allows students to proceed at their own pace through an assignment or topic resulting in a more individualized experience for students.  

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