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How to Use SchoolDude

Community members interested in renting Richland School District Two facilities must first create a Community User account in SchoolDude, an online facility-use reservation system.

Becoming a Community User (Required)/Creating SchoolDude Account

  • Create a SchoolDude Account here
  • In the top right corner click Log in to Request Facility Use.
  • On the next screen click Create One (just above email address box)
You will receive an email once your SchoolDude Community User account has been approved. 

Submitting a SchoolDude Rental Request (PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING)

  • Not all rooms/schools are available for rent. Media centers, band rooms, computer labs or science labs are not available for rent.
  • Users should be prepared to answer detailed questions about events.
  • Requests must be made at least 10 days prior to the event.
  • Facility use will be cancelled when the district is closed for inclement weather or other unforeseen events.  With the exception of R2i2, we are unable to provide microphones or projectors for facility rental events. 
  1. Click the link in the email approving your account. This opens the Facility Use Calendar
  2. To check availability of the facility, use the filter buttons to choose a location and date(s)
  3. At the top of the page, click the Request Facility Use tab. You have two choices:
    1. The Normal Schedule allows you to request from one to up to 20 events. All events should be in the same room(s) at the same time over different days
    2. The Recurring Schedule allows you to choose up to 100 events in the same room(s) at the same time over different days. These events are scheduled on a recurring basis (i.e. every Monday and Wednesday for a month or every Sunday for a year, etc.)
  4. Complete the form, which asks for detailed event information.
  5. Click Check Availability.
  6. If the room/building is available, agree to the terms and conditions of the Building Use Agreement and click Submit

Please contact Pam Thompson at 803.736.3774 or pthompson@richland2.org with questions regarding fees, invoices, policy and procedural issues. Do Not contact schools with questions about facility rental. 

If you need to cancel an event, please email pthompson@richland2.org at least 24 hours before the day of the event.