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Facility Rental for Community Events

Richland School District Two provides use of our facilities to the community. We have classrooms, cafeterias, auditoriums, game fields, gymnasium, our newly constructed Richland Two Institute of Innovation (R2i2), as well as many other facilities available for rent.

Are you looking to rent R2i2 for your next event? Then click here.

Renting Our Facilities

Richland Two uses a new online facility request and rental system called Facilitron. (Right now, individuals are not able to rent the Conference Center at R2i2 through Facilitron. Please contact Jacquie Lee (jalee@richland2.org; 803-738-8481) or Kimberly Riley-Richberg (krichberg@richland2.org) for assistance in renting/reserving the R2i2 Conference Center/Facility. 

What are the costs of renting a facility?

Richland School District Two facility rental fees are guided by the Richland Two Board of Trustees.

Remember, Richland Two supports community use of district schools and other facilities, consistent with our general educational purpose. Such use, however, shall not result in additional operational costs to the District. Fees are therefore assessed to ensure cost recovery for utilities, equipment, wear and tear, and personnel costs. Per Board Policy, a custodian must be on-site during all events. This is provided by and invoiced by Service Solutions. Depending on the size and nature of your event security may be required as well. Equipment availability varies by facility. Facility Managers will determined availability. Equipment rental feeds vary depending on your needs. 

We use a classification system to assign fees for community use. Fees are subject to change depending on specific needs of the event, set up, technicians, supervision, etc.

Facility Rental Rates

Click here to print a copy of this Facility Rental Rate sheet.

Please contact Pam Thompson at 803.736.3774 or pthompson@richland2.org with questions regarding fees, invoices, policy and procedural issues.