Choice & Magnets Explained

Richland Two is the District of Choice — where every school is an excellent choice.

Every child residing in Richland School District Two is zoned to a school in the district. Each school has an attendance boundary. Generally, all students who live within the attendance boundary may attend the zoned school. To identify your zoned school, visit the school locator website. You do not have to complete a Choice application to attend your zoned school.

  • Visit the school to meet with the school principal and staff. Families who explore their education options at Richland Two may find that their zoned school is the best choice – or that another school in the district has an interesting program open to students districtwide.
  • Take advantage of any school information meetings or back-to-school nights.
  • Get feedback from other parents, family, and friends.


This Choice procedure offers parents and students residing in Richland District Two the opportunity to apply to attend a school other than the school for which they are zoned. Parents may apply electronically each January for placement that will take effect the following school year.  The following schools may be open to choice: TBA


** Some of the schools open to choice also have school-within-a-school Magnet programs




Schools with No Choice Options: The following schools will not have any Choice Options for 2018-2019: TBA


Richland Two’s Magnet Programs offer learning opportunities related to various themes for interested students. Students from across the district may apply to a Magnet Program regardless of where they are zoned. The purposes of Magnet Programs are to meet students’ diverse needs and interests by maximizing potential for learning and growth; encouraging creativity; maintaining high standards; and creating an awareness of career opportunities relative to the fields of study in which students may be interested.  Richland Two offers several different types of Magnets.

Full School – In a full school Magnet all students participate in the specialized focus of the school.   Students zoned to the school do not have to apply; students outside the zoned area must apply for admission.  Selection of non-zoned students is determined through lottery.  The following schools are Full School Magnets:

  • eFit at Rice Creek Elementary                                                         
  • Killian STEAM Leadership Academy                                            
  • Keels School for Entrepreneurial Leadership                                      
  • Forest Lake Elementary NASA Explorer School
  • Windsor Primary Years International Baccalaureate                            
  • Longleaf Middle LEAP
  • E.L.W Middle Years International Baccalaureate                                
  • Westwood High School iRED
  • Richland Northeast HS International Baccalaureate                  

Schools-within-a-school – These are smaller learning communities within a larger school environment.  School-within-a-school programs have an instructional focus that varies from the full school focus.  For Elementary programs, selection is via random lottery.  For most Middle School and High School programs there are selective criteria for admission.  The exception, FAME, has selection by random lottery.  The following Magnets are school-within-a-school programs:

  • Montessori Pre-K-5 (Pontiac)                                                                          
  • STEMS (North Springs)                             
  • Academy of Civic Engagement (Nelson)                                                          
  • Dual Language Immersion (Polo)
  • Elementary Learning Collaborative (eLc)                                                          
  • Leadership Academy at Wright (LAW, E.L.W)
  • FAME (Dent)                                                                                                   
  • The Learning Collaborative (TLC, Dent)       
  • Leadership Academy at Muller (MRM)                                                              
  • ZooBot (Longleaf)
  • Kelly Mill, INC (Kelly Mill)                                                                               
  • Two Academies (Dent)
  • The Academy of Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine (Summit)                
  • avPlex (RNE)
  • The STEM Institute of Design and Innovation (SIDI, Summit)                            
  • Horizon (RNE)                                                                    
  • Palmetto Center for the Arts (RNE                                                                  
  • Allied Health (RV)
  • BioHealth (RV)                                                                                                
  • Discovery (SV)
  • The Scholars Academy for Law and Business (RV)                                            
  • Explorations (SV)
  • Studion D (RV)

Centers – Centers are small separate schools located in a building adjacent to a larger school campus.  A Center is not considered a separate full school because they share facilities with the larger school where they are housed. The Center for Inquiry and Center for Knowledge students are selected through random lottery, while the Center for achievement has selective criteria.  Our Center Schools are:

  • The Center for Achievement ES (Kelly Mill)                                    
  • The Center for Knowledge ES (E.L.W)
  • The Center for Inquiry ES (Summit)                                              
  • The Center for Knowledge North (Muller Road)


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