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Choice Program

Richland School District Two students are assigned to schools based on their residential address, they may apply to a magnet school or another school within the district through the Choice program. This program offers parents and students residing in Richland District Two the opportunity to request permission to attend a school other than their residentially assigned school. Parents may apply electronically each December or May for placement that will take effect the following school year. Only students residentially zoned for Richland School District Two are eligible to apply and participate in a Richland Two Choice Program.

Key Choice II Dates to Remember
May I, 2019 Choice II Application opens online
May 31, 2019 Choice II Applications closes online
June 13-18, 2019 Parents accept or decline Choice II Offers online

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Sibling Transfer Process

If you are trying to get a sibling approved for a school that a sibling is attending, you may not need to apply for Choice. In order to use Sibling Transfer Request you must have a student at the school where you want the upcoming student to attend. (Sibling Transfer Form does not apply to Centers or SWS magnets.) The student that is enrolled at the requested school must be there at the same time the new student is attending their first year. You will need to do the following:

  • Download the Sibling Transfer Request Form.
  • Fill out the form and return it to the District Registrar’s Office by faxing the form to 803-738-7378.
  • The District Registrar’s Office will review, verify and communicate an approval or denial to the parent.


If you have questions about the Choice process, you may contact:

Roger Wiley, Choice: rwiley@richland2.org; 803-738-3314

Barbara Turner, Magnet Programs: baturner@richland2.org
Valerie Williamson, Magnet Programs: 803-462-7081