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Governor's School, Charter and Home School Intent to Participate

Two state statutes now allow charter school, home school and governor’s school students to try out for and, if selected, participate in extracurricular activities at their resident school if required criteria are met.

Charter school students may be eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Extra-Curricular Activities are defined as activities that do not fall within the scope of the regular curriculum and carry no academic credit, but are associated with the curriculum and sponsored by the district.

Home school students may be eligible to participate in Interscholastic Extra-Curricular Activities, which are Extra-Curricular Activities that involve competition between schools.

Curricular Activities are activities within the scope of the regular curriculum. Non-Curricular Activities are activities that are not associated with the curriculum or not sponsored by the district. Charter school students and home school students are not eligible to participate in Curricular Activities or Non-Curricular Activities.

Examples of Extra-Curricular Activities: SCHSL sponsored sports, drama productions (that are not part of drama courses), flag team, honor societies, academic quiz teams, Model United Nations.

Examples of Interscholastic Extracurricular Activities: SCHSL sponsored sports, academic quiz teams, Model United Nations.

Examples of Curricular Activities: Band, chorus, orchestra, ROTC, language courses, other academic courses, field study activities. Examples of Non-Curricular Activities: Student clubs, prom, homecoming, field trips.


​Charter School Student

Home School Student​

​Be a resident of Richland Two



Provide proof of residency to the Richland Two Planning Office​



​Attend a charter school authorized to confer an SC high school diploma



​Attend a charter school that does not offer a similar activity



​Complete an application for participation;



​Meet academic, attendance, and behavioral requirements



​Have been home schooled for a full academic year prior to participation



Procedures for Governor's School, Charter School and Home School Student Participation

The following procedures must be followed ANNUALLY when a student enrolled in Governor's School, Charter School or Home School desires to participate in Richland Two activities.


1. Obtain the Intent to Participate In Interscholastic Activities For Governor's School, Home School and Charter School Students. Complete the form.

2. Collect the following documentation: Three proofs of residence (Must be a rental lease or proof of mortgage, and two utility bills.) Copy of the Student’s Long Form Birth Certificate Copy of Parent’s government issued ID (Driver’s License, etc. A verification letter of the student’s home school, the Governor's school, or Charter school from the appropriate association or school. For homeschool students, the letter must come from the local public school district, the South Carolina Association of Independent home Schools or an association comprised of at least fifty members. For charter school students, the letter must come from an approved charter school, and for the Governor's School, a letter from their Administration.

3. Copy of the student’s most current and up to date report card and a comprehensive transcript.

4. Send all documents to the Registrar’s Office. Do not send any documents to the school.


All requirements listed in YEAR ONE must be resubmitted to the Registrar's Office each year.

Middle and High School Sport ​Form Deadline Start Date of Sport

​Football, Swimming, Girls Golf, Volleyball, Girls Tennis, Cross Country, Competition Cheer

​No later than first week of July ​August
​Wresting Duals and Individual, Basketball ​No later than first week of October ​November
Lacrosse ​No later than first week of December ​January

Boys Tennis, Track/Field, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Boys Golf​

​No later than first week of January ​February

Required Forms:

Registrar's Office contact information:

Registrar: Roger Wiley
Email: rwiley@richland2.org
Fax: 803.738.7378

Office Assistant: Cheryl Lausi
Email: clausi@richland2.org

Mailing address:

Richland School District Two, C/O District Registrar,
124 Risdon Way, Columbia, SC 29223.