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Kindness Month

Kindness-Month-Logo-01.pngSeptember is Kindness Month in Richland Two


Inspired by the big and small acts of kindness exhibited throughout the year by our students and schools, Richland School District Two is celebrating and encouraging kindness with a district wide focus.  September has been designated as Kindness Month by Superintendent Baron R. Davis. “What better way to start off the school year than by focusing on kindness. As we strive to be Premier, let’s all use kindness as a way to reach out and encourage relationship building, understanding and empathy.” stated Dr. Davis.  
Individually, our schools have been celebrating Kindness initiatives for years and the district wide acknowledgement of Kindness Month brings this important value to the conscious mindset of our entire Richland Two family.  Kindness promotes all four of our core values:  Learning, Character, Community and Joy. With kindness our learning is easier; our character is enhanced; our community is stronger; and we experience more joy.  Please join us as we celebrate and encourage kindness. Be sure to record your kindness activities and use #R2Kindness in your social media posts.

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Not sure about what to do?  Go to the Richland Two Kindness Calendar for daily suggestions of acts of kindness.  Be sure to also check out the Kindness resources and the Kindness Moments found on this page.  Remember, no act of kindness is random (being kind is a choice) and no act of kindness is too small.