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Richland Two has carefully selected these fronts to help express our brand and identity. Some are formal, some casual, some bold and some elegant. Each font should be used as carefully as any other element of design. These are the only fonts that should be used in presentations, documents and projects that represent Richland Two.



Trajan Pro

The district's "logo" font and because of this, most associated with the district's brand. Should only to be used in special occasions.



Bebas Neue Family

This sans-serif font features a modern style that makes a statement. Acceptable use: headlines, subheadlines. Pairs well with Franklin Gothic font.




Franklin Gothic Family

Our most used font. A sans-serif font that is sophisticated and modern in style. Great for body text. Pairs well with Bebas Neue Family. Available on most computers.



Linus Libertine Family

Traditional serif font that works with all types of projects that need a more forma look. Great for body text. Pairs well with Dulcelin or Bebas fonts.




Decorative font that gives a friendly and casual feel that works well with the family atmosphere of the district. Should be used sparingly.