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Academics & Accountability

Academics (Previously Teaching and Learning)

Accountability, Research and Evaluation

Federal Programs, ELL and MTSS

Special Education (Previously Instructional Support Services)


Business Services

Oversees all business aspects of the school district related to facilities, finances, accounts and payroll. Facility maintenance and emergency services are also housed in this division.
Financial Services
Grants Initiatives

Pupil Services

Directs student services, which includes student discipline. Administers the district's athletics services and Adult and Continuing Education program.

  • Registrar's Office(Enrollment & Registration) — The Registrar's Office works in partnership with the district's schools and centers to place students in appropriate learning environments.
  • Student Services — This department's responsibilities include: student discipline, student suspensions, student expulsions, alternative school referrals, and student re-admittance following expulsion.

​Communications & Strategic Partnerships

Manages business and community partnerships and volunteer programs, utilizes effective communication paths to keep internal and external stakeholders regularly and thoroughly informed, assists schools with marketing and grants development, coordinates district-wide ceremonies and directs the distribution of community flyers.

​Diversity & Multicultural Inclusion

This office strives to provide an environment across the school district that celebrates our diversities and uses the gifts and talents of our varied cultures and heritages to enhance the educational experience of our students. The office also includes the district's Military Community Liaison, who  connects our Military families to services and support within our District and the Richland County Community. 

Human Resources

Recruits, selects, employs and retains highly-qualified personnel to staff the district’s schools and to develop the quality of human relationships necessary to obtain maximum staff performance and a high level of job satisfaction.

​Information Technology

Leverages new and innovative technologies to support district educational goals.


This department includes the offices of transportation, food services, emergency services/security, warehouse, maintenance and operations and facilities construction.

  • Food Services — Provides high quality, nutritionally sound, food service programs which support student life-long learning.
  • Transportation — Pre-Covid, there were approximately 12,383 miles logged a day or more than 2.23 million miles a year. Approximately 21,858 students are transported a day.


Strategically plans for facility space and the proper student/teacher ratio per facility so students can experience their maximum academic potential.