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2022-2023 Teacher Directory 
First Name Last Name Position Extension Email
Amanda Abram 6th Math 72177 aabram@richland2.org 
Christy  Blaylock PE/Health  72121 cblaylock@richland2.org 
Cheyene Benitez 7th Grade Math 72106 cbenitez@richland2.org 
Brianna Binder 7th Grade Science 72145 bbinder@richland2.org 
Latoya Black 6th Social Studies 72112 lablack@richland2.org
Lisa Borden Teacher of Deaf & Hard of Hearing 72144 lborden@richland2.org
Erin  Boyd Chorus 72017 eboyd@richland2.org 
Kaden Briggs PE/Health 72108 kbriggs@richland2.org 
Donnie Brown 8th Social Studies 72168 dobrown@richland2.org
Jamie Brown Administrative Monitor 72187 jabrown@richland2.org
Tammy Brown SPED Aide with Dr. Murphy 72197  
Ellie Butler Nurse 72015 elbutler@richland2.org 
Catherine Campbell Art 72117 ccampbel@richland2.org
Brooke Cadieu 8th Grade ELA Virtual   bcadieu@richland2.org 
Jill Carroll 8th Grade ELA TLC 72186 jcarroll@richland2.org
Colby Chappell 6th Grade Social Studies TLC 72176 cochappell@richland2.org
Cheryl Cheatham Latin 72122 ccheatha@richland2.org
Craig China 7th Grade Social Studies 72179 cchina@richland2.org 
Chelsey  Counts 6th Grade Math TLC 72114 chcounts@richland2.org 
Ryan Crothers TLC Lead Teacher 72198 rcrothers@richland2.org 
Melvilonn Davis 6th Grade ELA  72126 medavis@richland2.org
Deborah Decker Support Lab 72123 ddecker@richland2.org
Madhuri Dharmapuri 7th Grade Math 72181 mdharmapuri@richland2.org 
Trina Dickerson 8th Grade Science 72195 tdickerson@richland2.org 
Samantha Dockery Special Education Assistant 72185 sdockery@richland2.org
Andrea Ebanks-Joyner 6th Social Studies TWO 72188 ajoyner@richland2.org 
Shelli Franco 8th Grade Science 72152 sfranco@richland2.org
Raegan  Fulmer 7th Grade ELA TLC 72162 rfulmer@richland2.org 
Tyrone Fosmire 7th Grade Math with M. Dharmapuri 72181  
Shelia Gfell 8th Grade Math TWO 72101 sgfell@richland2.org
Kashmir Glaspy 8th Grade Math 72136 kglaspy@richland2.org 
Shantelle Graham Dance 72163 sgraham@richland2.org
James Green Spanish In Class Facilitator with Ramos 72134 jamgreen@richland2.org 
DeJoyce Hall Health Room Aide 72026 dhall@richland2.org
Takicea Hall Bookroom Manager 72169 thall@richland2.org 
Sharry Harrison Career Favilitator / SHINE 72198 sharrison@richland2.org
Tiffany  Hawthorne Lead Teacher TWO 72120 thawthorne@richland2.org 
Shanda Heller 8th Grade Math 72157 sheller@richland2.org 
Timothy Hicks 8th Grade Social Studies TLC 72210 thicks@richland2.org 
Rosalyn Higgins School Counselor - Magnets 72018 rhiggins@richland2.org
Sharonda Hill Media Technology 72174 shahill@richland2.org
Joshua Hoover 8th Grade Social Studies TWO 72171 jhoover@richland2.org
Ayla Horton School Psychologist 72158 ahorton@richland2.org 
Rebecca Huggins 7th Grade ELA  72143 rhuggins@richland2.org
Whitney Hunt 6th Grade Math 72182 whunt@richland2.org
Johanna Jezowski 8th Grade Math TLC 72146 jjezowski@richland2.org
Brandon Johnson World Percussion 72125 brajohnson@richland2.org 
Sondra Jones 6th Grade ELA 72149 smjones@richland2.org
Jasmine Joyner 6th Grade Science 72103 tjoyner@richland2.org 
Andrew Kauffman 7th Grade Math TWO 72178 akauffman@richland2.org 
Earnestine Kelly 7th Grade ELA 72156 eakelly@richland2.org 
Briana Lambert Special Services Chair 72133 blambert@richland2.org
Paul LeDuc ESOL 72203 pjleduc@gmail.com 
Jordan Lewis 8th Grade ELA TWO 72115 jlewis@richland2.org
Eric Litchfield 8th Grade Social Studies 72201 elitchfield@richland2.org
Alex Lopez-Arrocha Orchestra 72209 aarrocha@richland2.org 
Delpha Manning SPED Support Lab 72166 dmanning@richland2.org 
Vanessa Mason Receptionist 72000 vmason@richland2.org
Allee Mathis Technology Learning Coach 72206 amathis@richland2.org 
Lisa McCaskill Math Intervention   lmccaskill@richland2.org
Terence McClain Director of School Counseling - 7th Grade 72008 tmcclain@richland2.org
Meredith McGrail 6th Grade Science 72142 mmcgrail@richland2.org 
Ebony Means Speech 72102 emeans@richland2.org
Lisa Morris Attendance Secretary and SDC 72027 lmorris@richland2.org
Kurt Muller 8th Grade Science TWO 72175 kmuller@richland2.org
Barbara Murphy SPED Teacher 72197 bamurphy@richland2.org 
Erica Nelson AVID Coordinator 72124 enelson@richland2.org
Lisa Nine School Counselor - 6th 72009 lnine@richland2.org
Ryan O'Connell 7th Grade Science TLC 72208 ryoconnell@richland2.org
Chris Patterson Band 72118 cpatterson@richland2.org
Crystal Pearson 7th Grade Science  72110 cpearson@richland2.org
Lagodia Pearson 8th Grade Science 72213 lapearson@richland2.org 
Regina Perry 7th ELA TWO 72131 reperry@richland2.org 
Delaqua Pickett Media Center Assistant 72141 dpickett@richland2.org 
India Puch 6th Grade Math TWO 72191 ipuch@richland2.org
Sheyxari Ramos Spanish Virtual Teacher   sramos@richland2.org 
Latasha Randle 6th Grade Science 72107 lrandle@richland2.org 
Roxanne Reyes 6th Grade Science 72207 rreyes@richland2.org 
Brock Rice 7th Grade Social Studies 72204 brice@richland2.org 
Shaletha  Richard Mental Health Counselor 72020  
Glenn Ridings 8th Grade Social Studies  72193 gridings@richland2.org
Conner Ripley 7th Grade Social Studies TWO 72148 coripley@richland2.org
Christal Robinson Social Worker 72031 chrobinson@richland2.org
Ciara Robinson Special Education 72185 cirobinson@richland2.org 
Audrey  Ryan SPED Aide with B. Surface 72109 aryan@richland2.org 
Linda Scott 6th Science TWO 72137 lscott@richland2.org
Rolanda Scott 7th Grade Science 72127 rscott@richland2.org
Carolyn Simmons 6th Grade Social Studies  72189 csimmons@richland2.org
Barbara Smiling 6th Grade ELA TWO 72173 bsmiling@richland2.org
Arcenia Stevens In Class Facilitator with Vasquez-Ruiz 72164  
Alexis Stradford 6th Grade ELA TLC  72200 astradford@richland2.org 
Shayla Stephens ESOL 72185 sstephens@richland2.org 
Leah Stuhler Theater 72184 lstuhler@richland2.org 
La'ai Sturgeon Support Lab 72111 lsturgeo@richland2.org
Stephanie Sulton Media Specialist 72030 stsulton@richland2.org 
Brittany Surface SPED Teacher 72109 bsurface@richland2.org 
Wendell Tate Latin 72129 wtate@richland2.org
Kevin Thompson Administrative Monitor 72151 kethompson@richland2.org
Arie Tisdale SPED Floater    
Tina Torres Refocus Room 72138 ttorres@richland2.org 
Karen Valentine Computer Science 72154 kvalentine@richland2.org
Lizbeth Vasques-Ruiz 6th Grade Math Virtual   lvazquez@richland2.org 
Cortney Williams 7th Grade ELA 72119 cowilliams@richland2.org 
Tisha Ward 8th Grade ELA 72161 tward@richland2.org 
Justin Wilt School Counselor - 8th 72006 jwilt@richland2.org
Alexander Windham 7th Grade Social Studies TLC 72194 awindham@richland2.org
LaQuasha Wood PE/Health 72130 lwood@richland2.org 
Joan Yacobi Special Service Coordinator 7212 jyacobi@richland2.org
Shanita York 7th Grade Science TWO 72196 syork@richland2.org