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School Closure Information

We believe rich, meaningful communication is an essential component in the Richland Two Charter High School's duty to serve our students, parents, and stakeholders in this time of uncertainty. Below, we've compiled some important information below in hopes of facilitating continued student learning. If you have any questions and aren't sure who to call, please feel free to reach out to CHS at 803.419.1348. We'll do our very best to get back to you as we are reasonably able.

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. R2CHS Faculty and Staff are working hard to support students through the school closure.
    • R2CHS teachers (Upchurch, Stiles, Atkins, Myers) will hold daily office hours from 10 AM - 2 PM. You may reach out to them vis Google Hangouts to chat, video chat, or call. You can also contact them by email (see the teacher email list).
    • If you need a password for a test or quiz, please reach out directly to your course teacher (see the teacher email list).
    • R2CHS Adjunct teachers will be available for office hours. Please contact your teacher directly to check their availability (see the teacher email list).
  2. Ms. Bright, R2CHS School Counselor, will continue to support students.
    • Students will be contacted via email for IGP (Individual Graduation Plan) meetings.
    • Students receiving social and emotional supports from Ms. Bright will be contacted directly.
    • Students in need of social and emotional support my contact Ms. Bright at any time.
  3. Seniors needing Leadership for graduation will receive email information from Ms. Parilla.
  4. You can find updated Richland Two District information at www.richland2.org/coronavirus.

Google Hangouts Help

As a Google district, Richland Two has myriad resources for maintianing contact even through the school closure. One preferred method of communication is Google Hangouts. This app is built into the Google Suite of products in Richland Two and provides solutions for chat, voice, and video chat. All students, teachers, and most district personel have access to this service. As teachers work their way through supporting students, they may use different methods to maintain contact. Please be aware of these methods and keep Google Hangouts in mind when reaching out to your teachers.

Google Hangouts is available on all platforms including on both PCs and Macs in the Chrome Browser and on Android and Apple mobile devices. Search your appropriate app store for the Google Hangouts app and login with your Richland Two login information.

You can find installation information for all platforms HERE.