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Principal's Vision

      As we embrace the most important work we’ll ever do, our eyes look to the future. Our world is shrinking and our children know this best of any of us.

     Technology creates a learning environment with no boundaries. Essential skills focus on thinking... Thinking creatively, thinking critically… sustaining thinking over time and through challenges. We work towards a world in which we ask, “In what ways might we…”

     Many minds are stronger than the individual viewpoint and collaboration and communication are embedded in the engaging work our children do every day. Our diversity is our strength and results in a more thoughtful and flexible learning environment.

     No longer is there just one right answer or one right way to design an elegant solution to a real world problem. We celebrate our children, our future, and we dedicate Catawba Trail to their education, their dreams, their aspirations, and their present and future success.

Catawba Trail…

“Many Paths to the Future”​