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Our Magnet Program's Philosophy



The Center for Knowledge North, in collaboration with our school family, creates a rigorous academic experience founded upon the Core Knowledge Curriculum and Core Values which transforms students into independent thinkers who can compete internationally.



The Center for Knowledge North fosters the development of the whole child through a rigorous education model. Young scholars gain cultural literacy and an appreciation of multiple perspectives through cumulative, integrated, and objective-based education. As a small community, we take pride in ourselves and our school, and provide a safe, positive space for young minds, bodies, and hearts to grow.



  • Every child has the right to a quality education.

  • A safe and orderly learning environment will be provided.

  • Parental involvement and support is necessary to provide students with the support that allows them to reach their full potential.

  • All teachers are concerned about the individual needs of the child.

  • The administrators will be supportive and visible.

  • Every child will be treated with respect.

  • Every child will be respectful.



The Center for Knowledge and Center for Knowledge North are “Centered on Caring.” We are a magnet school that this year will serve approximately 264 students in grades K-5 at the Center for Knowledge and approximately 264 students in grades K-5 at the Center for Knowledge North. Both are schools of choice. Our small size fosters a sense of community, and the school’s programs emphasize close relationships among the school, students and parents.

The teachers employ a variety of instructional strategies to provide  students with experiences that incorporate E.D. Hirsch’s Core Knowledge components, Character Education Standards, Richland Two’s curriculum standards, along with State and National standards. The curriculum developed by the Center for Knowledge offers students a strong academic instruction that emphasizes essential skills and concepts that are essential to academic and social success. Instructional emphasis include activities that extend course content by promoting higher order thinking skills as a means of acquiring essential skills that help students learn to form questions and search for solutions to problems. Courtesy, respect for others, and responsibility for one’s behavior are also integral parts of the curriculum.  

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