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Faculty and Staff

Director Mrs. Agee jagee@richland2.org
Lead Teacher
Business Manager
Mrs. Holley
Mrs. Failla
Nurse (ELWM) Mrs. Walter ewalter@richland2.org
Clerical Mrs. Daniel adaniel@richland2.org
Kindergarten Mrs. McCaskill bmccaskill@richland2.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Corn kcorn@richland2.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Fomby afomby@richland2.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Woller lwoller@richland2.org
First Grade Mrs. Gawler sgawler@richland2.org
First Grade Mrs. Leitner lleitner@richland2.org
Second Grade Mrs. Goddard lgoddard@richland2.org
Second Grade Mrs. Allison eallison@richland2.org
Third Grade Ms. Carroll jecarroll@richland2.org
Third Grade ​Mrs. Stewart ​astewart@richland2.org
Fourth Grade Ms. Henson vahenson@richland2.org
Fourth Grade Mrs. Ritter  aritter@richland2.org
Fifth Grade Mrs. Dew wdew@richland2.org
Fifth Grade Mrs. Hardwick shardwick@richland2.org
Physical Ed. Mrs. Peraza pperaza@richland2.org
Art Mrs. Drews mdrews@richland2.org  
Music Ms. Stack cstack@richland2.org 
Library Mrs. Hamner chamner@richland2.org
Speech Mrs. Ness                         kness@richland2.org
Technology Mrs. Compton tcompton@richland2.org
Reading Coach 
Mrs. Greene
Mrs. Clarke
School Counselor Mrs. Reupke lreupke@richland2.org
Science Lab Coordinator Mrs. Grier agrier@richland2.org