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Faculty and Staff

Principal Dr. Hall jhall@richland2.org
Lead Teacher
Office Manager
Mrs. Agee
Mrs. Failla
Nurse (ELWM) Mrs. Walter ewalter@richland2.org
Clerical Mrs. Daniel adaniel@richland2.org
Kindergarten Mrs. McCaskill bmccaskill@richland2.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Corn kcorn@richland2.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Fomby afomby@richland2.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Woller lwoller@richland2.org
First Grade Mrs. Gawler sgawler@richland2.org
First Grade Mrs. Leitner lleitner@richland2.org
Second Grade Mrs. Goddard lgoddard@richland2.org
Second Grade Mrs. Allison eallison@richland2.org
Third Grade Ms. Carroll jecarroll@richland2.org
Third Grade ​Mrs. Stewart ​astewart@richland2.org
Fourth Grade Ms. Henson vahenson@richland2.org
Fourth Grade Mrs. Boyd dboyd@richland2.org
Fifth Grade Mrs. Dew wdew@richland2.org
Fifth Grade Mrs. Hardwick shardwick@richland2.org
Physical Ed. Mrs. Peraza pperaza@richland2.org
Art Mrs. Drews mdrews@richland2.org  
Music Ms. Stack cstack@richland2.org 
Library Mrs. Hamner chamner@richland2.org
Speech Mrs. Ness                         kness@richland2.org
Technology Mrs. Compton tcompton@richland2.org
Reading Coach 
Mrs. Greene
Mrs. Duda
Site Alert
Families who applied to Expanded Choice or magnet programs during Choice II, must accept or decline offers by midnight, June 22, 2018. 

Log in to the Richland Two Expanded Choice and Magnet application using the same username and password created when submitting the application. Once you view your application status, you can accept or decline your offer.