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The curriculum that has been designed for the Center for Knowledge is meant to be accelerated and challenging. Students are required to do projects each nine weeks, read from a grade level reading list and participate in supplementary problem solving activities. Students must be dedicated to their learning and parents must support students by making sure projects and other assignments are completed on time. We are an Official Core Knowledge School. We teach all components of the Core Knowledge Curriculum while exceeding South Carolina's Curriculum Standards.

Language Arts


Kindergarten students are taught using the Cunningham Building Blocks Model. These students are involved in letter recognition, phonemic awareness, high frequency words through written and oral communication.


First-Second Grades

These grades are blending two reading programs: Open Court and Cunningham's Four Blocks.

The Cunningham Model focuses on four building blocks. These blocks are Making Words, Self-Selected Reading, Writing, and Guided Reading. This is a multi-level approach that meets the needs of all students.

Making Words- Students work interactively with the teacher to build words through the use of sight words and phonetic spellings. Students are taught all forms of decoding during this forty-five minute time. Students sound and blend words through the Open Court program. Due to the excellent background of these students, we accelerate their pace though this program.

Guided Reading- This block of time focuses on strengthening a student's comprehension strategies. Trade book stories are used in all grade levels. These stories have been compiled and placed in a text by Open Court.

In First Grade this collection of literature is used the first three semesters as on grade level reading while highly predictable books are used for below grade level reading. The last semester second grade or chapter books are used for reading.

Second grade reads Open Court and Great Books. Great Books are selections of classical literature in the original forms. Students are asked to interpret what they read. This is an advanced reading series.

Writing- During this block, teachers teach mini-lessons to students at the beginning of each session. The purpose of these lessons is to teach students writing skills. Students then write in journals and stories for the next twenty minutes. The remainder of time is spent with students sharing what they have written with the class.

Self-Selected Reading- This block begins with teachers reading to students. Then students select books from a variety of reading levels and genres. Students become confident readers during this block while teachers work in small group to assess the levels on which students are reading. Students end this session by sharing what they have read with the class.


Third-Fifth Grades

Third through Fifth grades use an integrated language arts approach for instruction provided though the Harcourt Brace Reading Series. This series provides reading, grammar, writing and spelling instruction that is linked through the story being taught. Teachers spend a great deal of time extending the writing opportunities in their classrooms.
Great Books are continued in third through fifth grades. The classical literature is used to help students analyze the passages in the text and discuss their opinions.

American History, World History and Geography

Teacher created units, Core Knowledge units and Baltimore units are used to integrate the content across all grade levels.


Singapore Math - Kindergarten through 2nd grades www.singaporemath.com

Saxon Math - 3rd through 5th grades. Student activity center:  Saxon Math

E.D. Hirsch, Jr.

E.D. Hirsch, Jr. suggests a "core curriculum" which is used when designing our social sciences block . American and World Civilization are strongly emphasized, as well as, a global view of all of the sciences. This core curriculum builds throughout the years so that students obtain the information needed to become an active participant in an advancing society.


Site Alert

As announced in December, Richland Two schools have temporarily shifted to eLearning for all students from Jan. 4–15, 2021. This means all students will participate in eLearning following their school’s current bell schedule.

The district will observe the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday, Monday, Jan. 18, 2021. In-person instruction for students who selected classroom communities or hybrid models for Phase 2 will resume on Jan. 19, 2021.