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Google Drive

Google Drive sign in
All students in Kindergarten through 5th grade use Google Drive to create documents for classwork and projects for Computers special area.  This account is for school-use only.  Any activity other than school use could result in the termination of the student account, loss of school device or other disciplinary action.

Go Noodle


Starfall Reading
Starfall is a favorite of Kindergarten and First graders.  Older students enjoy revisiting this site occasionally, as well.

Dr. Seuss website

ELA resources


Starfall Math
As with Starfall Reading, this site is Kindergarten and First grade appropriate.

Harcourt Math
This math website meets curriculum standards.  If the link brings you to a Sign-in page, the Password is "luckie", school would be Center for Inquiry, State is South Carolina, then click on "Home" use and "Explore".



NASA for Kids

San Diego Zoo for Kids

Social Studies

American Girl
This website has historical information about the American Girl Characters.  It also features games, activities and much more.

50 States Facts and Information

The White House for Kids
This website gives a history of the White House as well as an interactive tour.  It gives information about Our Presidents, Fun Facts and First Pets.

Typing Skills

Dance Mat Typing

Typing Club
All students have an account on Typing Club.  Students may either access their accounts by clicking on Save Progress, then clicking on Sign in with Google, or they can just click on the levels for practice.


Students will need a login for this site.  If you need your child's login, let Mrs. Hucks know.



Sheppard Software

St. Patrick's Day

Smarty Pins


Tux 4 Kids
This website has downloadable programs that we have used in Computer Special Areas in previous years.  Tux Math, Tux Typing and Tux Paint are everyone's favorites!

3D Architecture Studio
Students love to create their future homes on this site.  Requires Unity Web Player install.