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Responsible Use Procedures and Terms and Conditions for Device Usage
Responsible Use Procedures
Richland School District Two encourages students to use a variety of technologies to enhance their learning. To ensure the privacy and safety of our students, and to protect data and our resources, we ask parents and students to become familiar with the policy and regulations that have been established for technology use in the district. The district’s Acceptable Use Policy is available on the district web site in the Board of Trustees section. The policies are IJND and IJND-RS and can be found by clicking on Board Policies and then using the search feature for the policy manual.

Students must:
1. Respect and protect their own privacy and the privacy of others.
  • Use only assigned accounts.
  • Keep personal information such as: name, address, phone number, etc., offline.
  • Keep passwords secret.
  • Have permission to photograph or videotape other individuals and to subsequently post these images or videos to the Internet.
2. Respect and protect the integrity, availability, and security of all electronic resources.
  • Observe all network security practices.
  • Conserve, protect, and share these resources with other students and Internet users.
  • Richland School District Two is not responsible for damages, lost, theft or any cost incurred to personal digital technologies or electronic communication devices.
  • Treat digital technologies with care, report any damages, security risks or violations to a teacher or administrator.
3. Respect and protect the copyrighted/intellectual property of others.
  • Cite all sources appropriately.
  • Follow all copyright laws.
  • Use electronic communication devices appropriately to assure academic integrity.
4. Respect and practice the principles of community.
  • Communicate only in ways that are kind, responsible, respectful and lawful.
  • Use electronic communication devices for schoolwork only.
  • Richland School District Two email should only be used for school-related email and projects.
  • Report threatening or offensive materials to a teacher or administrator.
l Terms and Conditions for Device Usage
A prepaid device protection premium of $20 is required for all K-12 students for the current school year. The premium is required, and if not paid in full, the student is assessed the full cost of repair or replacement for all incidents. The premium must be paid in full before October 15 (for elementary students) in order to qualify for protection. If not paid in full before October 15, any partially paid amount will be credited to the student’s account, and the protection plan will not be in effect. Students newly enrolled to the district after September 1 have 30 days from the date of enrollment to pay for coverage in full in order to take advantage of the protection plan. After 30 days, if not paid in full, any partially paid amount will be credited to the student’s account, and the protection plan will not be in effect. If any incident occurs before the protection plan is paid in full, the protection plan is not in effect, and the student is assessed the full cost of repair or replacement.

No Charge for First Incident

For the current school year, the first report of theft or accidental damage is covered, with no charge to the student. Additional reports of theft or accidental damage are charged to the student at the full cost of repair or replacement, as defined in the cost schedule below. It doesn’t matter whether the first incident is theft or accidental damage - the first incident of either type is fully covered, and any further incidents of either type are not covered.

Loss, Gross Neglect and Abuse

Even if no other incidents have been reported for the school year, incidents of loss, gross neglect and intentional abuse are not covered, and will be charged to the student at the full cost of repair or replacement, as defined in the cost schedule below.

Swappable Items

Students may opt to simply pay for the replacement of certain items that are not repairable when damaged, and which can be swapped by the end user. For example, if a power adapter is damaged, we don’t repair it anyway - we just replace it. It may be preferable to pay for it out of pocket rather than using up the one no-cost first incident. The first incident can certainly be used toward replacement of the adapter if the student chooses, but it may be more beneficial to reserve
Repair and Replacement Cost Schedule
The first incident for possible use later on a more expensive repair.
To reduce the potential burden to students and parents, and to simplify the assessment of costs for schools, the cost schedule is generalized into major, minor and cosmetic charges. Costs are based on our current models. It is possible that lower cost options are available through third parties in some cases, but we can not accept substitutes or alternative repair proposals.
Full Replacement Cost
For loss, theft or in cases where damage is so severe that repair is not cost effective.
Major Repair
For damage to the screen, system board and/or multiple damages reported in the same instance.
Minor Repair
For damage to all other components.
For minor cosmetic damage which in no way affects the operation of the device, and will not be repaired.
Swappable Items
Power Adapter and Cable
Protective Carry Case
Replacement Tags
Removal or damage of asset or other informational tags or markings. Not covered by protection plan.
*RUP can is signed during registration or during your annual update in Parent Portal. 
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