Bethel-Hanberry Elementary


Can I contact my child’s teacher during the school day?  

Our classrooms are open to our families, but as you can imagine, our teachers are quite busy during the instructional day.  They must supervise students at all times.  They cannot give you direct attention without first scheduling an appointment.  Please feel free to call teachers and leave a message.   They will return phone calls and email communications. If you have an emergency, please contact our main office at 691-6880.


What do I need to do to change transportation for my child at dismissal?

Dismissal can be the most challenging portion of our day as all students are exiting the campus in a variety of ways.  We ask that you do not constantly change how your child leaves campus as this creates a strain on our staff.  If your child does have a change in transportation, please make the change in writing to your child’s teacher and/or the main office.  We can accept phone messages or a fax, but please do not send an email as these are not always seen in time for dismissal.  Per district policy, students may not be dismissed after 2:00 PM as we must focus on getting all students safely to their holding area.


When are the elementary half days?

Our district has set aside half days for all elementary schools to allow our faculty/staff more time for professional development and provide additional time for parent conferences.  All elementary schools will dismiss on the dates below at 11:00 AM.  

Friday, September 23rd
Thursday, October 20th
Friday, December 16th
Friday, January 13th
Friday, February 17th
Friday, April 7th
Thursday, June 1st
Friday, June 2nd


What are general fees?

Upon enrollment for each school year, a Richland School District Two General Fee of $15.00 is added to your child's account. This fee covers the purchase of supplies, software, copyrighted material, and other licensed items used throughout the year. Students that qualify for reduced meals will only pay 40% of the fee charged and this fee will be waived for students that qualify for free meals.  Adjustments will be automatic as meal applications are reviewed by the District, as individual schools do not have access to these applications or approval ability.

The district has implemented a Technology Fee for all students enrolled in Richland Two. This insurance fee will be on your students account until 30 days past the date of enrollment. This fee cannot be reactivated and must be paid before this date passes. The insurance fee covers one incident of accidental damage or theft (with a police report) per school year. If damage occurs before insurance is paid, the student will be assessed the FULL cost of the repair or replacement. Once paid, the Technology Insurance covers the one-time incident on your students' Chromebook until September 30th of the following school year in order to ensure coverage during the summer months. There will be no adjustments to this fee for students who qualify for free and reduced lunch.