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Uniform Policy for High School


High School students are required to wear the school uniform daily.

Bottoms- Khaki (Tan only) pants, shorts, and or skirts (knee length); solid black belts must be worn daily.

Shirts- Boys are required to wear plain light white shirts (oxfords) with collars to accommodate solid navy black neckties.

Shirts-Girls are required to wear white buttoned down shirts or  polo style shirts (solid white t-shirts with no logo underneath).

Footwear – Black rubber sole shoes with black shoelaces must be worn and must be laced and tied. Socks are required for boys and girls. No open-toe shoes.

Outerwear- Coats and jackets must be plain black or navy blue.  Logos (names of teams, designers, etc.) are not permitted.  Hooded jackets, sweatshirts, bandanas, do rags, and hats are not to be worn to school.  They will be confiscated.  

Book bags - must be clear or mesh.