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Indicator 3.4

System and school leaders monitor and support the improvement of instructional practices of teachers to ensure student success.


System Rating: 3


Policy Evidence

Board Policy GCNA Supervision of Instructional Staff

Additional Evidence

1-24-2017 HS AP for Instruction Meeting Agenda
11-16-2016 Key Leaders Instructional Coaching
2016-2017 Teacher Evaluation Calendar Admin
Agenda eleot Meeting with Principal Reps July 2016
BRE eleot 10-4-2016
Elementary AP Meeting Agenda 12-7-2016
Elementary AP Meeting Agenda 02-8-2017
eleot 1.0
eleot 2.0
eleot District Results December 2016
eleot District Results February 2017
ET1 Teacher Evaluation Observation Record
ET2 Teacher Evaluation Performance Review
ET3 Teacher Evaluation Modified SAFE-T Summary
ET4 Teacher Evaluation SAFE-T Log
Feedback Email to Principals Following November 16 PD
Get Ready for AdvancED - WHS 1
Get Ready for AdvancED - WHS 2
Innovation Incubator Presentations 2015-2016
Jennifer Morrison Meeting Agenda December 2016
Key Leaders Agenda 11-16-2016
Key Leaders R2 Innovates Presentation
Level Up and Micro-Credentialing (SAMR)
Literacy Design Collaborative Training SREB
LMS eleot November 2016
LMS Professional Learning Plan 2016-2017
Mathematics Design Collaborative Training 01-26-2017
Middle School CES Agenda & Notes 11-17-2016
New to Two Overview 2016-2017
North Springs Data Wall Image
PDExpress Offerings
R2 Innovates Future Ready Librarians Final Presentation 2015-2016
R2 Innovates Photo 1
R2 Innovates Photo 2
R2 Innovates Update January 2017
RVHS eleot November 2016 
RVHS Professional Learning Plan 2016-2017
SLO PD Email 08-5-2015
SLO PD Online Training 09-1-2015
SLO Template
SVHS eleot Data Analysis Presentation 01-18-2017
Teacher Evaluation Communication - 2016 Training Calendar Forms
Teacher Evaluation GBE
Transforming Data to PD - Principal Video