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Indicator 2.6

Leadership and staff supervision and evaluation processes result in improved professional practice in all areas of the system and improved student success.


System Rating: 3


Policy Evidence

Board Policy GCO Evaluation of Professional Administrative Staff
Board Policy GCOA Evaluation of Instructional Staff
Board Policy GCOA-R Evaluation of Instructional Staff
Board Policy GDO Evaluation of Support Staff

Additional Evidence

2014-2015 Richland Two Annual Report
2015-2016 Certificate Renewal Guide
2015-2016 Richland Two Annual Report
2015-2016 Superintendent's End-of-Year Report Classified Professional Learning Funds Application
Classroom Observation Expectations for All Schools Fall 2016
Grants Evaluation Process Update
Human Resources and Payroll Guidelines Revised 2015
Implementation of 10-Point Grading Scale, 5-24-16
Improving the Validity of Performance Appraisals Kitchen Cabinet (Talent), 1.30.17
Magnet Review Process, 2.23.16
National Board Certification Commitment
National Board Certification Website
New to Two for Administrators - Inservice, July 25, 2016
Professional Development Resources
Talent Development Discussion Minutes — FAC, Strategic Planning 01-11-17
Teacher of the Year Timeline and Tips