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Indicator 2.3

The governing body ensures that the leadership at all levels has the autonomy to meet goals for achievement and instruction and to manage day-to-day operations effectively.


System Rating: 4


Policy Evidence

Board Policy CBC Superintendent Powers and Responsibilities Board Policy CFA School Principals/Building Administrators

Additional Evidence

1st Quarter Financials 2016-2017
2015-2016 Budget Final Board Approved
2015-2016 LBA Course Codes for Approval
2016 Community Conversations Executive Summary
2016-17 Budget For May 9 2016 Board Meeting - Final Reading as revised by the Board
2016-17 School Professional Learning Plan WHS
2016-2017 District Strategic Plan
2016-2017 Longleaf Middle School Improvement Plan
2016-2017 Pontiac Elementary School Improvement Plan
2016-2017 Richland Northeast School Improvement Plan
2nd Quarter Financials 2015-2016
3rd Quarter Financials 2015-2016
Board Meeting Agenda 02-14-2017 Discipline Task Force October 25, 2016 Update Board Meeting Key Leaders Meeting AdvancED Standard 2 Presentation 9-14-16
LBA Course Codes for 2017-18 for Board Approval
R2i2 LBA Course Codes for Board Approval, 5-9-16 Richland Two Social Media

Key Leaders Meeting 9.14.16 (images)