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Indicator 2.2

The governing body operates responsibly and functions effectively.


System Rating: 3


Policy Evidence


Additional Evidence

08-18-2016 Communications Plan
2015 Richland Two Comprehensive Annual Financial Report to the Board Presentation
2015-2016 Salary Comparison Executive Summary
2016 Richland Two Title IX Compliance Program
2016-17 Salary Schedule 11-30-2016
2016-2017 District Salary Study
Board Budget Presentation for First-Reading on 4-26-2016 Board Meeting Minutes 1-3-17
Childs and Halligan, P.A. July 2016 Purchase Order
Financial Transparency
Mentoring in Richland Two Board Presentation 10.20.15
Procurement Procedures
RCSD2 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2015-2016 Final
RCSD2 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2015-2016 Final Page 67
Richland Two Training Videos Screenshot
RSCD2 Certificate of Liability Insurance
School Board Policy Manual
SCSBA Ethical Principles
Signing of SCSBA Ethical Principles Poster on 1-10-17